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For More Than Ten Years the Richest Country in the World Has Been "At War" With the Poorest Country in the World

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The Case Against the Continued Occupation and Escalation of the War in Afghanistan


by Camillo "Mac" Bica

Despite some subtle nuances regarding a timetable for the phased withdrawal of at least a portion of the combat troops from Iraq,(1) the positions of both John McCain and Barack Obama regarding the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are quite similar. Under both their plans, American young men and women, despite their eventually being withdrawn from Iraq - "with honor" for McCain, "responsibly" for Obama - will not be returning home but, rather, redeployed to another battlefield upon which to continue to kill or be killed. Both candidates have promised a surge in Afghanistan, and a commitment to continue the "war on terrorism" until our enemies, al-Qaeda, the Taliban, perhaps Iran, are defeated and Osama Bin Laden is killed or captured. Consequently, while promising the American people real change from the politics of gunboat diplomacy and militarism of the last eight years, all we are truly being offered by either candidate is more of the same.


Pakistan on the Brink

by Dennis Loo

As I've written previously, Pakistan concentrates the present contradictions in the world more powerfully and dangerously than perhaps anywhere else. See here as well.

As the article below from The Independent UK shows, the failure of the "war on terror," and its viciously, spectacularly, counter-productive nature, are being played out in dramatic ways in Pakistan. If Obama becomes president, he will get the chance to continue these horrible policies that his predecessor, W., implemented on Obama's recommendations!

Look at what's happening to Pakistan and then ask yourself if this is the change we need and the change we can believe in.

Endorsing and defending the Empire, which Obama has made no secret is his credo in foreign policy, leads logically and inevitably to these policies and to these consequences. Is this the world you want? Is this the country you stand with?


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