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For More Than Ten Years the Richest Country in the World Has Been "At War" With the Poorest Country in the World

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Could this be the Abu Ghraib Scandal of the U.S. War on Afghanistan?

Rolling Stone's Collection:

The War Crime Images Censored by the Pentagon

Kill Team

A disturbing look at the photos collected by the kill team in Afghanistan – and widely shared among U.S. soldiers as a war souvenir

By Debra Sweet 

Could this be the Abu Ghraib Scandal of the U.S. War on Afghanistan? The Guardian reported last week on the first photos to be released from the group of 4,000 related to the "Kill Team" in Afghanistan now on trial by the Army, for murdering Afghan civilians under cover of war.

The US ambassador to Afghanistan, Karl Eikenberry, recently confided to officials that he feared it might trigger the same kind of scandal as that at Abu Ghraib in Iraq, where images of prisoners being abused by US soldiers sparked anti-American protests.  For weeks the US government has been working to pre-empt any outrage, with top officials, including the US vice president Joe Biden, in talks with Hamid Karzai, the Afghan president.

Now, the Rolling Stone in The Kill Team has more photos.

Guardian UK: U.S. Soldiers Pose for Photos with Murdered Afghans.

U.S. Soldiers Pose for Photos with Murdered Afghans

By Jon Boone, in the Guardian UK  

The face of Jeremy Morlock, a young US soldier, grins at the camera, his hand holding up the head of the dead and bloodied youth he and his colleagues have just killed in an act military prosecutors say was premeditated murder.

Moments before the picture was taken in January last year, the unsuspecting victim had been waved over by a group of US soldiers who had driven to his village in Kandahar province in one of their armoured Stryker tanks.

According to testimony collected by Der Spiegel magazine the boy had, as a matter of routine, lifted up his shirt to reveal that he was not hiding a suicide bomb vest.


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US Government Denies Entry Visa to Afghan Women’s Rights Activist and Author Malalai Joya

Malalai JoyaPress Release:

CONTACT: Rights Activists

Sonali Kolhatkar (626-676-7884), Prachi Patankar (917-415-0659), or Natalie Reyes (562) 319-3046)

NATIONWIDE - March 17 - The United States has denied a travel visa to Malalai Joya, an acclaimed women’s rights activist and former member of Afghanistan’s parliament. Ms. Joya, who was named one of TIME magazine’s 100 most influential people in the world in 2010, was set to begin a three-week US tour to promote an updated edition of her memoir, A Woman Among Warlords, published by Scribner, an imprint of Simon & Schuster.


Gates Announces Extended U.S. Occupation in Afghanistan

Gates has made it clear that the presence of U.S. troops will continue for years, if not forever.

By Kenneth J. Theisen

U.S. Secretary of War Robert Gates arrived in Afghanistan on Monday March 7th for a two day unannounced visit. He immediately stated that the U.S. and its puppet Afghan government have agreed to extend U.S. military involvement beyond the previously announced plan to end U.S. combat operations in 2014. This should come as no surprise to any of our readers.

Gates made his announcement at the huge Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan. He said, "Obviously it would be a small fraction of the presence that we have today, but I think we're willing to do that. My sense is, they [Afghan officials] are interested in having us do that."


Davis Arrest Throws US Undercover Campaign in Pakistan Into Disarray

US bluster, and some clumsy efforts to forge records that would purport to show Davis had diplomatic immunity--all widely exposed in the Pakistani media--have only served to further stoke public outrage.

By Dave Lindorff

The ongoing case of Raymond Davis, the CIA contractor facing murder charges in Lahore for the execution-style slaying of two apparent agents of Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) agency, is apparently leading to a roll-back of America’s espionage and Special Operations activities in Pakistan.

A few days ago, Pakistan’s Interior Department, which is reportedly conducting a careful review of the hundreds of private US contractors who flooded into Pakistan over the last two years, many with “diplomatic passports,” and many others, like Davis, linked to shady “security” firms, arrested an American security contractor named Aaron DeHaven, a Virginia native who claims to work for a company called Catalyst Services LLC.


American Murder in Pakistan

By Margaret Kimberley  Davis in Pakistan

“The lies began at the very top, with the president’s own words.” The President of the United States went before the American people – and the world – lied about a U.S. spy held for killing two Pakistanis, and blatantly misrepresented the laws governing diplomatic immunity. U.S. corporate media knew the “diplomat” was really a spy, but misled their readers.
If respect starts with the truth, then the U.S. and its corporate media have no respect for the community of nations or its own citizens.


NATO Kills Nine Children in Afghan Air Strike

By Jason Ditz  Afghan mourning

Already facing public outrage over the killing of 65 civilians in an offensive, NATO is once again in the hot seat in the Kunar Province, with provincial police reporting that a NATO air strike killed nine children this afternoon.
NATO reported that its Forward Operating Base in the region came under rocket fire, and that it launched the air strikes at what they believed was the “point of origin” of the attack, a nearby mountainside.


The Case Mounts Against the CIA's Raymond Davis

Pakistani and Indian Papers Say US Contractor is a "Terrorist"

By Dave Lindorff

Pakistani and Indian newspapers are reporting that Raymond Davis, the CIA contractor in jail in Lahore facing murder charges for the execution-slayings of two young men believed to by Pakistani intelligence operatives, was actually involved in organizing terrorist activities in Pakistan.


WikiLeaks: US Lied About Bala Baluk Massacre, Red Cross Concealed Truth

Wounded Afghani from Bala Baluk

By Kevin Gosztola

The Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten has published an article on NATO, US, and the Red Cross and the Bala Baluk massacre on May 4, 2009. The article features a cable that shows the Red Cross put together a report that raised significant doubt about military reports on the number of civilians killed. The cable reveals how a PR campaign kicked into gear to sell the idea that the deaths were not intentional and to skew coverage of the event to fit the interests of NATO and US forces in Afghanistan.

The June 13, 2009 cable describes a remarkable meeting that took place at the US Embassy in Kabul. Leader of the Red Cross in Afghanistan, Reto Stocker, has compiled a report with exact figures on the deaths of civilians in an attack that just took place in the village of Bala Baluk Grenari region. US and NATO forces, which contend they were attacking Taliban, dropped bombs leaving a mosque in ruins. They turned the village into “an inferno of screaming, mangled and bloody people.”


Governor: NATO Offensive Killed 64 Civilians in Afghanistan’s Kunar Province

By Jason Ditz

A four day NATO offensive in Afghanistan’s Kunar Province has left at least 64 innocent civilians dead and several others wounded, according to both the provincial governor and the provincial police chief.

Gen. Ziayi, the police chief, said that of the slain, 15 were men, 20 women and 29 were children. The governor later confirmed the overall total but reported only 26 children, with 16 men and 22 women.


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