NO to German military using weaponized drones

Debra Sweet | June 2, 2020 

droneRockCenterThe German Bundestag is set to decide soon whether its mlitary will deploy weaponized drones.  It's not a minor question, given that the whole world was thrown into war when the Nazis attacked Europe and because fascist and right-wing parties are again seriously contending for power in Germany. Germany, to its credit, signed on to the call by UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres for a worldwide ceasefire during the Covid-19 pandemic and could take a further stand against endless war by refusing to take part in the crimes against humanity carried out via drone warfare.

Anti-drone activists are calling on us to write to the Bundestag arguing against weaponized drones.  It seems that those of us living the US have a special reason to make the case.  This government is the world leader in targeted killing by drone though, dangerously, it has already been joined by others, such as Israel. More countries utilizing drone warfare will only exacerbate this criminality. Germany should not join this club.

drone protestGeorge W. did the first known targeted kill in 2003, when an alleged Al-Queda operative was struck in a car in Yemen. Obama further developed the US arsenal with a secret drone program in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia, Libya and other countries where people could be killed easily, because no air force existed to counter the drones. The new Drone King is Trump himself, continuing the killings in which any male over 18 is defined as a "combatant." Trump gave direct permission to "his" generals to kill whoever they can get away with, thus expanding the slaughter even further given there's no oversight.  Since 2017, drone strikes have surged in Yemen, Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria. From one drone strike every 58 days under Bush to one drone strike every five days under Obama, the figure is currently one drone strike every 12 minutes under Trump.

We'll never know how many people have been killed.  But we're still responsible for stopping this slaughter.  

Below is the letter we are sending to both the German Bundestag and the German people. You can find out how to send your own letter here with information provided by Please note that the debate, being waged on Twitter as well as in the press, will be extending into June and, hence, we still have time to write beyond the original deadline to make an impact.

Members of Bundestag:

We write this open letter not only to you but also to the people of Germany and the United States. 

The world has borne witness to the many deaths of innocent civilians caused by weaponized drones. Innocent children have lost their lives and families devastated by weaponized drones.  The killing of these innocent civilians has caused resentment and hatred toward countries such as the United States and its allies who commit these war crimes. Those who live in areas where weaponized drones are in use suffer great distress. The sound of drones passing overhead cause horrific psychological consequences and is a use of terrorism to control populations.

Three U.S. presidents - Bush, Obama and now Trump, one after the other - have increased the use of weaponized drones against the populations of many countries, some of which don’t even have their own air forces. This new strategy follows upon decades of endless hegemonic wars in the Middle East fought by the United States and its allies.

We, people living in the United States, are trying to stop current crimes being carried out by our government in our name. We need your solidarity, with us and with the peoples of the world, to truly bring an end to these endless wars. Please, say no to armed German drones!

The World Can’t Wait

An die Mitglieder des deutschen Bundestags

Wir richten diesen offenen Brief nicht nur an Sie, sondern an die gesamte Bevölkerung Deutschlands.

Die Welt hat Kunde von den vielen unschuldigen Zivilisten erhalten, die durch bewaffnete Drohnen getötet wurden und werden. Bewaffnete Drohnen haben unschuldige Kinder ihr Leben gekostet und verheerende Verluste bei Familien angerichtet. Die Vernichtung dieser unschuldigen Zivilisten hat Ressentiments und Hass gegen Länder wie die Vereinigten Staaten und ihre Alliierten geschürt, die diese Kriegsverbrechen begehen. Die Menschen in Regionen, in denen bewaffnete Drohnen zum Einsatz kommen, leiden große Qualen. Das Geräusch der Drohnen über ihnen bringt entsetzliche psychologische Folgen mit sich; es ist Terrorismus zur Beherrschung der Bevölkerung.

Drei US-Präsidenten – Bush, Obama und nun Trump – haben jeder den Einsatz von bewaffneten Drohnen gegen die Bevölkerung vieler Länder gegenüber dem jeweiligen Vorgänger noch weiter erhöht. Manche dieser Länder haben nicht einmal eigene Luftstreitkräfte. Diese neue Strategie folgt Jahrzehnten endloser Hegemonialkriege im Mittleren Osten, die von den Vereinigten Staaten und ihren Alliierten ausgefochten wurden.

Wir, die Menschen der Vereinigten Staaten, versuchen, die aktuellen Verbrechen, die unsere Regierung in unserem Namen vergeht, zu beenden. Wir brauchen Ihre Solidarität mit uns und den Völkern der Welt, um diese endlosen Kriege zu beenden. Bitte stimmen Sie bewaffneten deutschen Drohnen nicht zu!

World Can’t Wait
(Die Welt kann nicht warten.)


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