Trump Pardons Nisour Square Killers

Debra Sweet | December 24, 2020


Credit:Ali Yussef/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images.


December 23 Trump pardoned - a full, complete pardon - four Blackwater contractors convicted in US courts by the military for a massacre in 2007 at Nisour Square, in Baghdad, in which many civilians, including children, were killed.  The ringleader was sentenced to life in prison.  Now he'll be on the fascist talk-show circuit along with Michael Flynn and Kyle Rittenhouse, branded as heroes of "America First," adored by white supremacists.

“We used to be terrified of them, especially Blackwater, who were the nastiest of them all. What I saw there will haunt me for ever. It should have been a red line. For them to be freed by the U.S. commander in chief is shameful,” said Ribal Mansour, witness to Nisour Square Massacre.

Anyone who wants to believe the U.S. actually carries out justice and supports human rights is fooling themselves.  These pardons, yes, are given by Trump who was not in charge of the unjust, illegitimate and immoral war on Iraq.  But the pardons, overturning these just verdicts which took 12 years to achieve, is not Trump's crime alone.  He has been enabled by every level of the U.S. government, with the exception of some courts, and a few politicians.  They all own him and his actions, and they mark the United States as the most dangerous country on the globe.


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