These Men Stood Up to Muslim Bashing - The Least We Can Do Is Commend Their Righteous Action - Get Out In the Streets!

World Can't Wait | June 2, 2017

No More Fascist Killings!

"On Friday May 26, three people were stabbed, two fatally, on a Portland, Oregon commuter train, after defending two young women, one wearing a hijab, who were being harassed and verbally attacked by a white man, who shouted obscene racist and anti-Muslim slurs," reported

The killer was identified as Jeremy Christian. The white-supremacist-with-a- baseball-bat has a history of posting Nazi sentiments on social media.  

"The double murders in Portland by a racist Islamophobe are part of a larger trend of radical-right violence stoked by a sustained campaign of 'scripted violence' by right-wing leaders and media against people of color, immigrants and other minorities" wrote Spencer Sunshine, Truthout. "With the demonizing narratives of Trump and his administration, we should brace ourselves for more such violence." 

The mood is ugly, but we will not be intimidated, continued Refuse Fascism. "As the fascist Trump/Pence regime moves toward consolidating power in America, a grave danger to humanity and all life on earth, we will meet every outrage they commit with greater and greater resistance, building for the time when millions flood the streets to demand this regime be driven from power. We recognize, and call on others to proclaim, that Taliesin Myrddin Namkai Meche, Ricky John Best and Micah David-Cole Fletcher are heroes."

They Did the Right Thing

Take a Stand. Refuse Fascism. Sign the Call to Drive Out the Trump/Pence Regime. Repudiate the visions of white supremacy and Christian fundamentalism espoused by the alt-right.


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Main Culture of Bigotry These Men Stood Up to Muslim Bashing - The Least We Can Do Is Commend Their Righteous Action - Get Out In the Streets!


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