Project Gulf Impact: Public Forum October 10, New Orleans

Project Gulf Impact has amassed documentation on the oil and dispersants that continues to affect our coastline, our Gulf waters, and our people. This Sunday, Loyola University Community Action Program will host a forum of fishermen, women and activists, determined to document the truth and tell their stories to the world. Please forward widely.
-- Elizabeth Cook, Emergency Committee to Stop the Gulf Oil Disaster
SUNDAY October 10th Nunemaker Hall, 6363 St. Charles Ave., New Orleans at 3pm
PROJECT GULF IMPACT combines filmmaking, activism and science to bring the truth of the Gulf Oil Disaster to the public.  They will be hosting a public forum with never-before-seen footage, guest speakers, and a public Q and A on Sunday, October 10th, 2010. 
Speakers include Heather Rally, Gavin Garrison, and Matt Smith from Project Gulf Impact, Former EPA contracted lab director Kimberly Wolf, Shrimper and Fisherman who recently exposed the continued use of dispersants and oil in the water, "Catfish", Leading activist and former BP liaison Kindra Arnesen, and many, many more!  Come to get informed, learn about the continued media cover up, lies, and hear from those who are exposing the truth.  Listen as fisherman and people most affected reveal… is the coast really clear?
Repression in the Gulf
Media Blackout
Activism and Involvement
Human Health & Environmental Hazards
Continued Documentation of Dispersant Use

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