Protest at Fort Hood against the Deployment of the 3rd Battalion to Iraq

Child looks at soldier in Iraq

The occupation of Iraq is only being re-branded, not ended. Soldiers are still being deployed.

We received this notice from people planning protests with the 3rd Battalion is sent to Iraq next week. Some of you may have heard about this upcoming action during the webcast we did a couple weeks ago.

This is a nation-wide call to action! Come to Fort Hood, Texas, Aug. 22 to participate in peaceful actions with veterans and anti-war leaders opposing the deployment of the 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment's 5,000 Soldiers to Iraq. This is your invite. Can you attend?

Despite President Obama's fallacious claims that the war in Iraq is winding down, the 3rd ACR is gearing up for yet another deployment! Furthermore, many Soldiers facing deployment are known to be unfit for combat due to injuries sustained in prior tours. The Peace Movement must not let this stand!

The Soldiers of the 3rd ACR and the people of Iraq need you to be here Aug. 22. This will be a RADICAL demonstration, with optional direct action elements and possible legal implications. While all are welcome to participate at whatever level they are comfortable, we value greatly those willing to put their bodies on the line.
Nearly ten years into our current wars, the time for half-measures is over. Congress has failed the people, as has Obama and the deMOCKratic process. They will not stop these deployments. We have to do it ourselves. We have a responsibility to the people of Iraq and our own Soldiers. We will be at Fort Hood Aug. 22.
Our message is that wounded warriors should never be forced to deploy. Our message is that the people of Iraq should not suffer at the hands of American troops. We will make this message clear with our voices, wills and bodies. We welcome our brothers and sisters from any social justice movement and their chosen messages of solidarity. We stand united as citizens of the world opposed to U.S. Empire.
We invite all who plan to participate to attend a brief planning meeting Aug. 21st at 5 p.m. We will be discussing plans for the following day's actions, as well eating, drinking and enjoying each others' company, before rallying at Fort Hood the following day.
Contact us now at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to RSVP, learn the location of the Aug. 21st meeting and stay up to date as more becomes available. Please send us your name, contact information and a brief bio of you as an activist, and we will be in touch. We are moving forward rapidly and look forward to welcoming you to beautiful Killeen, Texas!
In Solidarity,
The Disobedient


Main G.I. Resistance Protest at Fort Hood against the Deployment of the 3rd Battalion to Iraq


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