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G.I. Resister James Circello: Why I Will be Marching on the Pentagon

By James Circello. March 2, 2009
If we were to ask everyone planning to travel to Washington this month to march on the Pentagon, I’m sure we would get several different answers. For many people in the United States, they will be taking to the streets to demand an end to the sixth year of war on Iraq. But that is not the entire truth—in reality, the war is nearing its 19th year. Here are a few of the reasons why I will be marching.
"I encourage everyone to do as much as you can and join me in Washington D.C., on March 21 to say loudly and clearly: From Iraq to Afghanistan to Palestine, occupation is a crime."
I was sent to Iraq in March of 2003 as part of the invasion force in a war that I did not believe in. I was stationed in Italy, and due to the fact that we were really unable to stay current on the news, I had no idea that so many people here in the United States were opposed to the war as well.
While in Iraq, I was able to witness the extent of the devastation caused by the almost 20 years of constant bombardments and the genocidal sanctions placed on the people of that country.
The smell was often unbearable. Stagnant water and sewage filled neighborhood streets due to the intentional targeting of Iraq’s sewer system and its water treatment facilities. Barefooted kids ran through these streets—not minding it all—because it is all they had ever known.


Not Your Soldiers Tour in Brooklyn

World Can’t Wait received this report from a teacher at a Brooklyn high school:

At the time the “We Are Not Your Soldiers” tour visited Paul Robeson high school, my students were preparing to take the New York State Regents exam. Many of my students have failed the exam at least two times. As their last shot before making the decision to drop out or get a GED, I was concerned that failing the regents exam would encourage some of my students to join the military instead.

Matthis Chiroux, of Iraq Veterans Against the War, and Elaine Brower, of World Can’t Wait, hosts of the “We Are Not Your Soldiers” tour, presented a compelling excerpt of the “Winter Soldiers” testimonials which summoned the visual and emotional interest of otherwise unresponsive youth. Matthis engaged the students with his own personal recollection of the military. He asked important questions, revealing truths of the racism of the war on Iraq, and connected to the personal lives of the students, while Elaine Brower offered the perspective of a mother, a point of view many of my students are sensitive to, having been raised by only their mothers.


No I Can’t: A Dissident to U.S. Empire But A Fighter For Humanity

By Jill McLaughlin 

Author’s note: This essay was written to give those who truly care about humanity an understanding of why we cannot, even under this new President, accept the crimes of our government. While President Obama is changing the methods and means of which to conduct the “war on terror” these means and methods only serve the interest of the U.S. empire and its expansion and not the interests of humanity. Many of you hated everything the Bush regime did under the rubric of the “war on terror” I want to remind you there is no such thing as a good “war on terror”, especially under an empire. This is a “war of terror” no matter who the president is.

If you hated what was done in your name under Bush in this war for empire do not accept it under any terms now. My hope is that this essay will give people the basis, courage, and moral clarity upon which to continue the fight to stop the crimes of our government, to reject empire, and be fighters for humanity. Join World Can’t Wait in Washington D.C. on March 21st to protest the 6th anniversary of illegal war and occupation of Iraq, the escalation of the illegal war in Afghanistan, attacks on Pakistan, and demand the prosecution of Bush officials for war crimes and crimes against humanity. The World Still Can Not Wait. 

Just because Barack Hussein Obama is the 44th President of the United States doesn’t make the U.S. any less of an empire. And it doesn’t mean that this empire has any intentions of ending its control and expansion. Under the Bush Regime many people began to see the methods and means in which the U.S. maintains its super power status, while for years before it was easy to ignore.  The methods and means under the Bush Regime were so escalated that people in the U.S. took notice and were horrified. People wanted it to end. And it seemed the only way to end it was to vote in someone who was nothing like Bush.


A Personal Account By Matthis Chiroux of IVAW

By Matthis Chiroux of IVAW
Nick Morgan
Nick Morgan

Hi folks,

I'm writing to pass along my personal account of what happened Wednesday night at the final presidential debate. Myself, nine other veterans and five of our civilian supporters were arrested during a non-violent action at Hofstra University prior to the final presidential debate.

During the demonstration, Police recklessly charged horses onto the sidewalk and into a crowd of non-violent veterans and civilian demonstrators resulting in the breaking of one Iraq vet's cheekbone (who was then arrested and initially refused medical treatment by the police) and the breaking of another Iraq vet's foot.


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