No Human Being is Illegal - Protest Arizona's New Law this Week

Arizona We Will Not Comply
On Thursday, July 29, the unjust Arizona law SB 1070 targeting immigrants is set to go into effect.  The law requires that police demand proof of legal residency from anyone they "stop, detain or arrest" if police suspect that person is an undocumented immigrant.  11 other states are considering such legislation. Protest! We got the following information regarding speak-outs and protests against this unjust law. Join in and make your voices heard against intolerance.  Download No Más, No Human Being is Illegal Flyer in English and Spanish


There has been discrimination against immigrants in the U.S. for centuries. Now Arizona makes it legal!

The state of Arizona just passed a law that requires police and other law enforcement personnel to detain, question, and demand proof of legal residency of anyone who they suspect could be an undocumented immigrant. The law requires teachers to compile lists of suspected immigrant children, directs emergency rooms to deny care to those who cannot prove citizenship or legal residence.

This law should alarm everyone who cares about humanity. Backers of the law blame immigrants for crime and unemployment of "real" Americans, as if immigrants are responsible for $1 trillion spent on Iraq and Afghanistan occupations, or for a system of international capital gone wild in exploiting the rest of the world.

Los Angeles

Wednesday, July 28th 5:00 p.m. Downtown Federal Building, 300 North Los Angeles Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012 - Called by the Southern California Immigration Coalition (SCIC). SCIC also offers Bus to Arizona  leaving  Wednesday night July 28th for a 24 hour trip returning late Thursday evening. Cost is $35 per person. Please RSVP Right Away, phone 323.602.3425. Will Depart from Centro Cultural Francisco Villa at 2100 Maple Avenue, LA, CA 90011. More info on both these events at

Thursday, July 29th 6:00 p.m. Speak out at MacArthur Park, corner of Wilshire and Alvarado, Los Angeles, CA 90057. Called by Libros Revolución/Revolution Books.  Revolution books also organizing car caravan to Phoenix leaving Wednesday night at 10 PM. If you can drive or need a ride, call 213.488.1303 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

San Francisco

Thursday July 29th Protest! Meet up with World Can't Wait at 5:00 PM out in front of the SF chapter office:

Redstone Building
2940 16th Street (between Mission and S Van Ness)
San Francisco, CA  94103
(one block south of 16th & Mission BART)
We'll march en masse to the "Rally for Immigrant Rights and Against SB 1070!" called for by the Bay Area Committee Against SB 1070.

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