World Can’t Wait: Financial Gifts Urgently Needed

By Debra Sweet 

I'm taking a moment to appreciate and thank those who keep World Can't Wait on our mission to stop the crimes of our government.  You know who you are...
you give frequent flyer miles to get me across the country quickly
you are volunteers in our National Office, and you buy materials and help with rent
you send a monthly sustainer or respond to fund appeals
you make copies at work or pay for enlargements to be visible; you make the black hoods worn with the orange jumpsuits to protest torture or paint the banners
you spend evenings phone-banking donors, editing copy for the website, researching stories, writing flyers, standing outside high schools with them
This movement really needs all of us, and all ways of giving are important. 
BUT right now financial gifts are most urgently needed to carry out the actions below, in addition to responding to emergencies. 
Please take a moment to make an donation now:
online   online tax-deductible   or by check to:
World Can't Wait  305 West Broadway #185 NYC NY 10013