Chicago Anti-War Protest on 7th Anniversary of Invasion of Iraq

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NBC Video
Speech by Fatima Hindi, Iraqi refugee (video)
Different views within the anti-war movement (video)


Speech by Coco, member of Chicago Chapter of World Can't Wait
Obama has NOT stopped torture!!! Obama has NOT closed Guantanamo, he has changed the zip code by moving it to Thomson, Illinois! Obama has NOT charged ANY of those responsible for torture with crimes against humanity and murder of which they are god damned guilty of! The Obama administration has allowed the continued use of "extraordinary rendition" by the CIA. They are continuing to fight the release of some 2,000 photos that graphically document U.S. military abuse of prisoners in Iraq and Afghanistan. The abuse involves "blows to [the] testicles;" "detention underground in total darkness for three weeks with deprivation of food and sleep;" being "inoculated … through injection with 'a disease for dog cysts;'" the smearing of feces on prisoners; and waterboarding. The torture, according to the Spanish investigation, all occurred "under the authority of American military personnel" and was sometimes conducted in the presence of medical professionals. I don’t know about you, but that’s not the ‘hope and change’ I wanted! 

OBAMA IS THE FUCKING SAME AS BUSH!! Obama wants to ‘look forward, not backward’ we CANNOT afford to ‘look forward’ when detainees are being rounded up and TORTURED for the so-called safety of THE COUNTRY?! BULLSHIT! That’s some fucked up tortured logic that hasn’t made any of us safer!!

On Torture
-E.Lazdins, 06/08

Right now.
Like Spirits,
Of our government’s brutality
Among Us.

We can’t see their suffering,
Or hear their screams,
But the stain
Of our inhumane behavior
Is like a gruesome spot-
Which will never
Wash out
Of the fabric
Of Our flag.

Under the stars and stripes,
We all struggle and sweat for some
American Dream.
Under the red
And blue,
Red stripes of blood flow,
Stars never to be seen.
White fear from simulated drowning,
Blue throbbing neck, arms and legs
From stress positions
Tied up.

Broken bodies: arms, eyes, hands,
Broken like Us,
Internally bleeding.
Sleep deprivation,
Or forced feeding.
Death threats on wives and children.
All unseen
But still
Among Us.

In this supposed democracy,
Our government is Us,
If it is Us
Then we too are torturers!
80,000 people illegally detained,
(Not counting
The ever increasing
Racist assault

On migrants and black human beings
On these very streets!)

We will NOT stay silent while
Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rice
Complicit democrats-
(Obama says “look forward not back!”)
Reap the profits
Of corporate greed,
Justify torture
In Our names!

Call a criminal what- he- is!
John Yoo- Criminal!
Distinguished professor?!
John Yoo- Criminal!
Created a memo
To violate the Geneva Convention.
The memo
Which has justified
Thousands of unheard
Screams, pleas and tears,
Unseen, uncleaned
Urine, vomit & spit.
Black bags,
Over heads,
In the blackest of days
Never to be seen again.

Charge them with war crimes!
Speak out!
And Get Up against torture!
Don’t wait for a savior,
No compromise with war criminals,
Be horrified that
Just like Us
Are victims!
And be wary,
What is used on them,
By unconstitutional law,