Snapshots of resistance to war and empire

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Cornel West speaks out against the war

Cornel West speaking in LA.

Protesting the drone exhibit at the Air and Space Museum in DC.

In Chicago.

In Los Angeles.

The Museum of Torture on display in DC.

San Francisco
San Francisco Bay Guardian
: Protesters blast Wall Street and war; support OccupySF

San Francisco: Protesting Ten Years of U.S. War in Afghanistan (video)

Los Angeles
At Los Angeles Anti-War Protest, Anti-War Religious leaders get arrested (KTLA Video)

Washington, DC

Anti-War, Anti-Wall St. Protest Hits DC (The Progressive)

Debra Sweet at Freedom Plaza, Occupy Washington ( video)

Wall Street Protest Spreads to DC (AP Raw Video)

Photos of the drone protest October 7

March against drone warfare in DC: Protesters disrupt business at General Atomics (October 7 video)

Antiwar activists storm General Atomics, maker of Predator drones (LiveLeak video)

Pepper spray used on demonstrators at Air and Space Museum (CNN October 8)

Pepper-Sprayed for Peace (

DC Occupation takes Freedom Plaza Drone Protest to National Air and Space Museum, with a Pepper Spray Coda (Irregular Times)

Reporter and Occupy Wash DC Protesters Pepper Sprayed at National Air and Space Museum, But Protest Shuts it Down (OpEdNews)


Anti-war protesters demonstrate downtown (ABC News)

Protesters rally in downtown Chicago (Chicago Tribune)

Fremont, CA
Afghan Community Marks War Anniversary in Fremont, CA (ABC News video)

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