New Yorkers to Say "Welcome Cordoba House" at Sunday Gathering to Stop Islamophobia

Press release from NYC Coalition to Stop Islamophobia

As a national controversy is growing over the building of the proposed Cordoba House, New Yorkers will welcome Muslims to downtown Manhattan on Sunday August 22. 

The new NYC Coalition to Stop Islamophobia announced today that it will gather near the proposed site at the former Burlington Coat Factory location on Park Place Sunday to "counter racist messages and attacks against Muslims and Islam," and to "welcome Cordoba House."
Opponents of Cordoba House say they will come to New York Sunday "to push back against those attempting to impose harsh Shariah Islam, stealth jihad or terror on our nation."
"We want the world to know that most New Yorkers, including people who live near Ground Zero and suffered during the attack on the World Trade Center, reject the lies being spread about Cordoba House," said Elaine Brower of the coalition. "We oppose attacks now, and in the future, on Muslims and mosques. We support religious freedom”.
What:     Visible street presence to counter foes of so-called "Ground Zero Mosque"
When:    Sunday August 22 10:00 am
Where:   Church & Warren Streets, Manhattan
International Socialist Organization
Movement for a Democratic Society
World Can't Wait
Contact: Andy Pollack, 347 341-2521
Elaine Brower, 917-520-0767
NYC Coalition to Stop Islamophobia


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