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Cindy Sheehan, Glen Ford, and Debra Sweet Discuss the Election

Cindy Sheehan

Two days after the 2012 election, Glen Ford ( and Debra Sweet (Director of World Can't Wait) joined Cindy Sheehan for a discussion of the presidential election and "where do we, as people of Peace and Justice go from there?"


Podcast: Gregory Koger on his Unjust Conviction

freegregory-4largerGregory Koger, activist and videographer from Chicago joined us for a special conversation on his case, his activism as a former prisoner struggling against all forms of injustice, and the "criminal justice" system which has cruelly persecuted him for years now. Find out more about his conviction and add your support to a statement which will be delivered to Cook County officials very soon. Gregory has said,

"...outrages happened in a political prosecution in my case, but they happen on a daily basis to millions of people herded through the courts into the United States’ historically unprecedented system of mass incarceration.  Our struggle to defeat these charges has been a small part of the broader struggle against this oppressive system that inflicts monumental suffering on the people, here and around the world."

Also: listen to Gregory interviewed on the Michael Slate show, which aired on KPFK-LA on 11/23/12.

Podcast: Golnaz Fakhmi on Bagram

The call on July 26 was hosted by Dr. Dennis Loo, of our Steering Committee, author of Globalization and the Demolition of Society and Impeach the President: The Case Against Bush & Cheney.

The prisoners at Bagram, in Afghanistan—even more than those at Guantánamo—are entirely forgotten in a black hole.  See Andy Worthington's piece.

The guest was Golnaz Fakhimi, on the staff of the International Justice Network which is fighting in US courts for the rights of the Bagram prisoners.  Golnaz will present on the status of the thousands of detainees at the US prison in Bagram, the Obama administration's current efforts to deny them habeas corpus, the history of the prison, and the work of the IJN.


Podcast: Kevin Gosztola and Nick Mottern

Hear from Kevin Gosztola, reporter for FireDogLake (The Dissenter blog), with updates from the legal proceedings against Bradley Manning, the accused Wikileaks whistleblower. Kevin has been attending all court hearings and has one of the most comprehensive overviews of how the case is unfolding.

ALSO: Nick Mottern, an activist with the kNOw Drones Tour will be on to talk about ways to bring the horrific reality of drone warfare to the largely ignorant American public.

Recording from the World Can't Wait Conference Call July 19. To join these regular conference calls, sign up online.

Listen/download: Kevin Gosztola

Listen/download: Nick Mottern



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