Stand with Occupy F28 - Standing up Against the Illegitimate Suppression of Occupy

from the Ad Hoc Committee Against the Suppression of the Occupy Movement 

On Tuesday February 28, an array of notable voices of conscience spoke publicly in support of Occupy.  In New York's Union Square, 450 gathered at the "F28 Stand with Occupy - Don't Suppress the Occupy Movement" rally and then marched to Liberty Plaza (Zuccotti Park) from which Occupy Wall Street was evicted almost four months ago.  Professor Noam Chomsky sent  a video message to the rally. 

Actor Susan Sarandon said that Occupy "opened up a very public debate... and it exposed brutal practices of suppression.  The rally was kicked off by Peter Yarrow (of Peter, Paul and Mary, the well-known folk group from the '60s) exuberantly taking the stage and singing, accompanied by his daughter Bethany Yarrow.

Other speakers included civil liberties attorney Norm Siegel; NYU professor Andrew Ross; Father Luis Barrios; attorney Margaret Ratner Kunstler; the Rev. Stephen Phelps, Senior Minister at Riverside Church; (above) retired Philadelphia police captain Ray Lewis; spokesperson for Revolution Books, Andy Zee; an OWS activist, Aaron Black; and past president of the NYC chapter of the National Lawyers Guild, Danny Meyers. Three musicians from Occupy the Music performed. And Outernational played a set of their revolution rock, ending the rally with "Fighting Song."

Some of those with voices of conscience marched in the streets with us in NYC, Chicago, Cleveland, Houston, San Francisco, and Minneapolis. They were joined by core activists in Occupy and hundreds of people who have been inspired by Occupy.

These rallies and marches were an important first step in bringing forward thousands that have been inspired by Occupy into the streets to Stand with Occupy, showing that "people will not tolerate that which is intolerable… that people will not adjust to that which is so manifestly unjust."

Reports from Chicago, Houston, Cleveland

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