Occupy Wall St. and Everywhere to Stop U.S. Wars for Empire!

...this movement faces a true crossroads. Will it be dispersed, driven into the margins, or co-opted? Or will it come back stronger? This question now poses itself, extremely sharply.

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Afghanistan is the 99%

We in The World Can't Wait express our enthusiastic solidarity with the morally and physically courageous youth of Occupy Wall Street and all others now forming occupations in their cities. They have not resigned themselves to accepting the way the world is, but are boldly exposing the towering crimes and audacious lies of this nation’s financial and political elites. They are righteously demanding that it all end and in doing so, enduring brutal attacks by police and the corporate media’s malign neglect.

These actions are an extremely welcome development and a gust of fresh air in the suffocating and poisonous atmosphere that the major parties, the Tea Partiers, and their billionaire sponsors have been propagating and imposing, in this, the "land of the free."

We call on all people to stand with these path-blazing youth and those oppressed by our government, here and around the world. Put your energies, your funds, your thoughts, and your bodies on the line to give voice to the most exploited, ignored, and oppressed who have suffered under the U.S. government's economic, military, and social crimes here and around the globe. 

The future is unwritten, which one we get us up to us.

Flier: Occupy Wall St. and Everywhere to End US Wars for Empire

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Despite Police Violence, Occupations are “SO Not Over”

The counter-attack of city authorities to clear the “Occupy” movement has now led to a serious injury, leaving protester Scott Olsen critically injured by an injury to his brain from a police projectile.  Oakland police attacked a peaceful encampment on Tuesday at 5:00 am, after massing 500 police, for hours.  Within minutes, hundreds were driven away, and police destroyed everything.


Occupy Oakland: Courageous, Determined Resistance in the Face of Brutal Police Assault

Scott Olsen, seriously injured by police projectile, Oakland, October 25, 2011 photo: Jay Finneburgh

Scott Olsen, seriously injured by police projectile, Oakland, October 25, 2011 photo: Jay Finneburgh

from Revolution newspaper

Thursday, October 27, 2011. As we post this report about developments with Occupy Oakland many things are going on. Oakland's mayor Jean Quan's first statement after the brutal police attack on Occupy Oakland Tuesday night had praised the police. But under widespread criticism, Quan issued another statement on Thursday expressing concern for those injured in the police assault and promising an investigation. She also said people would be allowed to return to the Occupation area. And Thursday night, there was a General Assembly in the Plaza and people had set up camp again. The courageous, determined resistance of the Occupiers, the broad outrage at the police violence, and support from others have forced the authorities to take back a step, for now. This is a real victory for the people.

In the wake of fierce resistance in the face of two massive police operations in one day, the Occupy movement in Oakland announced its decision to take its struggle to another level: a general strike and day of mass action for November 2. Across the Bay, in San Francisco thousands gathered at the occupy encampment Wednesday night to prevent a police raid, joined by some city supervisors and candidates for mayor—and though there were buses and police staging across town the attack never came. The authorities seems to be somewhat in disarray, under a spotlight after launching the violent police actions in Oakland on Tuesday—still wanting to crack down, still lying about why, and trying to blame the protesters for provoking the police violence. Meanwhile a young man, Scott Olsen, lies unconscious in critical condition in an Oakland hospital from injuries he received at the hands of the police on Tuesday. Revolutionaries have been involved in this struggle and filed this report.


Oakland Police Critically Injure Iraq War Veteran During Occupy Oakland Crack-down

from Iraq Veterans Against the War 

Tell Oakland Mayor Jean Quan to investigate this incident and allow peaceful protests to continue. 

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Call the Mayor's office: (510) 238-3141

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Scott Olsen, a Marine veteran who did two tours in Iraq, was hit by a police projectile during last night's brutal police crackdown of Occupy Oakland.  He is in serious but stable condition at an Oakland hospital.


Occupy Oakland, the Mayor, the Police, and the People

by Dennis Loo
A bit of background first:
When Occupy Wall Street (OWS) started five weeks ago, the police and media's reaction to the demonstration was hostile, with police using pepper spray directly in people's eyes at point blank range, punching out women, attacking a man for the crime of carrying a professional-level video camera, and so on, and the media was dismissive, if they bothered to cover it at all. In other words, business as usual.
A CNN reporter (John Avlon) appearing as a guest on September 23, 2011's Real Time with Bill Maher, for example, said in response to another guest, Tom Morello of the band Rage Against the Machine who was hailing the protests, that there were merely "200 hundred" at OWS, as if this haughty reporter's understated figures explained CNN's malign neglect. With the exception of Morello, the guests (which also included Ron Suskind and former Rep. Jane Harman (D), with Harman saying excitedly at one point that everyone in America could become a "billionaire" and that the Democrats shouldn't rule this out (!?)) had spent their time prattling on mostly about the Democrats and Republicans, blissfully unaware that the real political action was at Zuccotti Park and spreading to cities and communities around the country.
The police's brutality at OWS, however, backfired on the police and helped to provoke more and better media coverage of OWS.


Police Attack Occupy Oakland with Massive Force: over 100 Arrested

by the Bay Area Revolution Writing Group 

At 4 a.m. hundreds of police in riot gear from many different cities cordoned off the blocks of the area around City Hall and Oscar Grant Plaza (Frank Ogawa Plaza), kept the media out, and completely surrounded the camp.  Police made a dispersal announcement and simultaneously moved on the camp, ripping up tents, scattering belongings everywhere. Flash grenades went off and smoke filled the air. Someone tweeted that as the attack ensued, the encampment marching band was playing, hard. About 70 people were arrested.

As word spread of the attack, others came to downtown Oakland to protest. Police made more arrests—we witnessed incidents of police suddenly swarming in on people and taking them away.  This afternoon the National Lawyers Guild told Revolution that a total of over 100 people had been arrested. Tuesday, October 25: At 3 a.m. word went around that the encampment would be raided. Later they would learn that hundreds of cops began staging at the Oakland Coliseum at around 1 a.m.


My ‘Thoreau Moment’: A Midnight Run to Zuccotti Park [Part 1]

by libbyliberal 

Last week, sitting in a NYC Barnes & Noble cafe, a message popped up on my laptop alerting me that there was a crisis with the Occupy Wall Street protest. Mayor Bloomberg was demanding the park be evacuated at 7am Friday morning for cleaning and some “NEW RULES” to be applied to the occupiers thereafter.
My mailbox began to fill up with alerts from a number of political organizations. I checked the correntewire website - a headline urged anyone who could to get to Zuccotti Park by midnight. One of its links warned about possible arrest and advised bringing something to help recover from pepper spraying.
I gulped. What on earth might that be? It seemed surreal to be considering such a situation. Surely it would not come to that. But then again, 700 innocent people of conscience had been brutishly arrested almost two Saturdays ago on the Brooklyn Bridge. I had missed that massive ambush by only fifteen minutes that rainy day.


Disaster Capitalism or Capitalist Disasters?

The worst and most alarming news here is... that 9/11 and other disasters such as the BP Deepwater Horizon catastrophe are due to the normal and ordinary workings of capitalism, and specifically neoliberal policies.

by Dennis Loo
Naomi Klein’s much heralded Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism argues that neoliberals are consciously provoking disasters in order to justify and impose draconian market-based “solutions” as a remedy for the problems that they created in the first place.
To place her argument into a broader context, neoliberals’ ability to carry out these conspiracies (for that is what they are, purposeful plans executed to inflict harm upon the people) depends upon the absence of vibrant rivals to capitalism as a system and capitalist logic as a theory and philosophy: alternative economic and political models and/or Left social movements and organizations such as labor unions. Neoliberals need a clear field ideologically and politically to pull their plans off.


March to Wall Street = War Street

On the 10th Anniversary of U.S. War in Afghanistan  -- Say NO to Endless WARS!

Sat. OCT. 15
NOON Rally
WALL STREET & Broadway - Chase Bank

March to Occupy Wall Street Encampment
Liberty & Broadway - Zuccotti Park

Oct. 15 is a day of nationally coordinated antiwar actions in cities across the U.S., the 10th anniversary of the massively destructive and criminal U.S. war on Afghanistan.



World Can't Wait mobilizes people living in the United States to stand up and stop war on the world, repression and torture carried out by the US government. We take action, regardless of which political party holds power, to expose the crimes of our government, from war crimes to systematic mass incarceration, and to put humanity and the planet first.