San Francisco, March 19: Protesting 9 Years of War and Occupation

from the San Francisco chapter of World Can't Wait  

March 19 marks nine years since the invasion of Iraq. This invasion was illegitimate, immoral, unjust, and based on lies when George W. Bush began it, and the continued U.S. domination of that country remains so.

The occupation of Iraq has caused the worst humanitarian crisis of our time: massive slaughter, displacement, wholesale destruction of infrastructure and dismantling of governing structures. Iraq's economy, politics, and military remain subordinate to and dominated by American imperialism. Thousands of U.S. diplomats, military contractors, CIA operatives, and other support personnel remain in Iraq. 

Officials have made clear they are not leaving the region: "We're going to maintain, as we do now, a significant force in that region of the world," Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta stated, "so we will always have a force that will be present and that will deal with any threats."

Though Barack Obama announced the end of combat troops in Iraq – something necessitated by the opposition we in the antiwar movement are responsible for – the U.S. remains deeply engaged in controlling Iraq, with combat troops over the border in Kuwait ready to return quickly, and tens of thousands of private contractors in the country.

World Can’t Wait encourages you to join Bay Area Iraq Veterans Against the War, Civilian Soldier Alliance, and American Friends Service Committee for the final viewing of:

EYES WIDE OPEN: the Human Cost of War 

San Francisco City Hall Plaza

Monday, March 19

481 pairs of Combat Boots, each one representing a California service member who died in Iraq, and civilian shoes to represent the more than 800,000 Iraqi Civilians who have lost their lives.

There will be speakers and a press conference at 12 Noon, with a reading of the names of those troops and civilians.

To participate or volunteer please call 415.863.3771 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Don’t let Iran become another Iraq [ ].

Nine years of war and occupation in Iraq demonstrate the massive violence our government is willing to employ to advance U.S. empire. It exposes the chronic lies of rulers who will say anything to fool the public into going along with their program. If nothing else, the history of the Iraq adventure proves that nothing good can come of U.S. intervention and aggression—no matter how it's dressed up. And it underscores the moral imperative of exposing the crimes committed in our name.

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