Berkeley Law Grads Say No to Torture Advocates

from World Can't Wait, San Francisco chapter 

At last week’s UC Berkeley School of Law 2012 commencement ceremony, the now-famous orange ribbons that are worn to declare “No Torture in My Name," were highly visible.
World Can’t Wait gives a shout out to the 16 friends who joined the crew to distribute the orange ribbons and our flyer challenging UC’s continuing defense of “Torture Professor” John Yoo.  Thanks to you all.  You enabled many - we estimate over 15%, of the 430 graduating law students - to walk the stage to receive diplomas with the ribbons pinned onto their gowns, mortarboards and sashes. This was very significant and something that Boalt’s dean and torture apologist, Christopher Edley could hardly overlook.

A photo gallery in the Daily Cal, UC Berkeley's newpaper, gives a glimpse of the morning: “Protesters gather for a demonstration against faculty member John Yoo at the commencement ceremony for the Boalt School of Law on Friday, April 11th. Orange ribbons were worn by attendees and graduates alike as a show of solidarity with the protest.”


World Can't Wait stands with Boalt Hall grads and all people of conscience who say NO! to torture in their names.
Fire, Disbar and Prosecute John Yoo! We refuse to live in a torture state!
The World Can't Wait
SF Bay Area Chapter