Protests Against Drones Spreading

chicagodroneatObamaHQBy Joe Scarry | No Drones Network

Protests against U.S. drone killing and drone surveillance are breaking out all over -- there are events happening in state after state, and just about anyone who agrees it's time to say ENOUGH! can find others near them that are actively protesting the drones.

Live in the Midwest? Get together with protesters in Ohio - who were bird-dogging Barack Obama and picketing Congressman Mike Turner about their support for drones this week ... or Occupy Chicago, which deposited coffins representing drone victims at the doorstep of Obama 2012 Campaign HQ last week ... or the Indianapolis protesters who gathered in front of the Raytheon facility to protest their production of the 500-lb. bombs and laser guidance systems used on drones this past Friday... or the Wisconsin people who did a massive drone die-in during the weekly farmer's market in Madison a few weeks back ... or the "Crones Against Drones" who are protesting drones in the Twin Cities.

Perhaps the biggest recent development was the trial in U.S. federal court in Jefferson City, MO, ten days ago, in which protesters against the drone killing carried out from Whiteman Air Force Base were found guilty of trespass. (The killing controlled from Whiteman and other U.S. facilities goes on unabated, of course.) After the trial, the supporters who came in from around the country were right back out at Whiteman for another protest.

Live on the East Coast?  Whether it was the Democratic National Convention (DNC) in Charlotte... the Republican National Convention (RNC) down in Tampa... drone research at Johns Hopkins University in Maryland... or drone operators at Hancock in upstate New York... the drones protesters were there.

Live on the West Coast? Join the efforts of people in San Diego, who are protesting at the facility of drone-maker General Atomics EVERY WEEK... or the protesters in Nevada who are taking the No Drones message to places like the drone industry conference in Las Vegas.

People are fighting the drones with every means at their disposal: they're fighting drones with plays... they're fighting drones with music... they're fighting drones with film... they're fighting drones with models... they're fighting drones with art... they're fighting drones with local ordinances... they're fighting drones with book tours... they're fighting drones with Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests... they're fighting drones with editorials...  they're even fighting drones with good ol' persistent journalism... Everyone is working to make a difference the best way they know how.

The resistance is growing at a startling rate -- and it will succeed -- but it needs your active involvement! Get together with others in your local area and take action -- today!

No Drones at Fighting Bob Fest 2012 in Madison on September 15th

by David Soumis, Veterans For Peace Madison

We arranged for the drone to be in the arena and had it off to the side until the Raging Grannies sang their drone song. I wheeled right up to the stage during the song, and left it there the remainder of the event.The die-in went very well, although I did not see audience reaction but received many comments later that it was a very moving experience. I was told there were many people in the audience with tears. Phil Donahue mentioned our model reaper drone at the beginning of his speech, and the anti-drone message was loud and clear in many of the speeches.

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