Protesting Obama's Drones and Wars at the Inauguration

Protesting drones and war at Obama's InaugurationThe Arc of Justice Coalition, a group of local DC area residents called for an end to corporate domination of our political and economic system, and for an end to the US wars and occupations that are impoverishing us all in many ways while inflicting devastation abroad. Local residents joined the parade and we collectively expressed our opposition to the continuing militarism, drone strikes, US presidential kill lists, U.S. intervention in Latin America, bailouts of banks, home foreclosures, and profits over people.

We took to the streets in support for DC statehood, transparent government, affordable housing, and a host of important issues that effect us locally and that we hold in common with others around our country and the world. We support a new foreign policy based on nonviolence putting people over profits. This Monday marked another presidential inauguration that costs millions of dollars of tax funds in addition to coroporate funding, which is just another form of corporate influence over our political system. We also observed the Martin Luther King Jr holiday, celebrating his message of equality, nonviolence, and his work of making the connection between poverty and the worst purveyor of violence in this world.

This year also marked the third year since the US Supreme Court Citizens United decision that has given more power to the corporations over our lives. Our messages of hope was strong as we made our way on our parade route towards the inaugural zone.

"Let us realize the arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice"

-Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

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