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Protesting a US war on Syria in San Francisco September 7, 2013
San Francisco September 7, 2013
Stephanie Tang:

What we need is for people to Stop Thinking Like Americans and Start Thinking About Humanity!

Why is this important? Because this crisis could go off in many different directions. The U.S. could choose to head on and attack – as Obama planned, and as then John Kerry told us could be the president’s choice with or without Congress. Or there could be new obstacles to this plan, which make Obama seek other political and military resolutions.

We here do know how horrific and how much worse a U.S. bombing would make things for the people in Syria and for the people of the world. But now that plan’s up against more complications, so listen: even if he doesn’t go thru with the bombing – even if Obama is forced to shift gears and not attack right now – whatever he does, won’t be motivated by humanitarian concerns, any more than if he goes through with the bombing. He will just have gone another route, but still to serve US strategic interests. Which are NOT our interests, or the interests of humanity.

And when Obama says striking Syria will be a “humanitarian” act – he’s not talking about anything good for HUMANS! There is not yet a case in history of any such U.S. “humanitarian” intervention or war that served our real interests, humanity’s interests. In fact his pronouncing the very WORD “humanitarian” should send chills up our spine – because it means some terrible crimes are afoot! Just one example: 2003 – who had the WMD’s? It was not Saddam Hussein. The U.S. had them, and used them – depleted uranium, B52 Bombers, white phosphorus, cruise missiles – and the U.S. destroyed a whole country.

As for putting our hopes on Congress? QUESTION!! Tell me how it works? The U.S. is planning to commit an international war crime…. And Congress is going to VOTE on whether that is OK? This attack on Syria as planned would be a war crime, the SUPREME WAR CRIME under existing international law – aggressive war against a sovereign nation which has neither attacked nor threatened the U.S. How is Congress voting on whether to commit this war crime?????

We’re at a moment when protest and resistance against the crimes of our government, in this case the U.S. plan to bomb Syria, can be incredibly important. It has to be visible in the streets, and growing. This is the important thing: What matters is HOW we can reach out to change what millions in this country are thinking and doing about these threats, and then what they do about it. This is who we have to reach with everything we are doing.

Stop thinking like Americans, Start Thinking About Humanity! 
US. NATO – Hands off Syria!

New York City, September 7, 2013
Rich Greve (World Can't Wait and Veterans for Peace):

"As American citizens, it is our obligation to do everything in our power to stop our government from launching yet another mideast war, this time attacking Syria.

To bomb Syria, killing more people in the process, and thinking this will help the situation, is truly an act of insanity.  Bombing Syria, killing civilians and destroying buildings and infrastructure, would be an act of barbarism by the United States government.

Only the UN has the legal authority to initiate military action against a member state.  The US, if it attacks Syria, a nation that has done us no harm, would be committing a war crime according to the Geneva Convention and the Nuremberg Principles established after WW ll.

By attacking Syria, we will bring even greater chaos and suffering to that country, which is now immersed in a bloody civil war that has killed over 100,000 people on all sides. An attack could possibly lead to a much wider war, engulfing more nations in the region.  We don't know what the consequences will be if the US launches its unlawful attack.

The vast majority of Americans do not want this war.  If we were a truer democracy, not a government based on the wealthy paying off politicians to get what they want, then our Congress would readily vote NO to war with Syria, and not be swayed by the warmongers.

An attack on Syria will also provoke feelings of revenge among many people when they see the death and destruction resulting from our attacks.  This will lead to counter attacks by people wanting vengeance against the US, leaving Americans vulnerable and less safe.

We, the people, the citizens of this nation, must prevent our government from launching a war on Syria in our name.

Take an action. Any action is better than none.  Call or email your Representatives and Senators, telling them not to support a war on Syria. Tell them you will not vote for anyone who votes for this attack.  Protest in your neighborhoods and in front of public buildings.  Make signs and be heard, or attend a vigil in your area.

Let's not fall once again for the spin and propaganda that the government puts out to sell this attack.  This war must not be allowed to happen, and we, the citizens of this country, working together, must stop it from happening."

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