Abortion Rights Freedom Ride Report

Stop Patriarchy | October 25, 2013

This summer the dynamic of an uncompromising anti-abortion movement sweeping the nation unchallenged by an uncompromising force standing unapologetically for abortion rights and for women's liberation, ENDED.  Dozens caravanned, hundreds rallied, and thousands contributed to changing the terms of the abortion debate.  This was the Abortion Rights Freedom Ride, and now, we urge you to take a look at the recently released, 50+ page summation, celebration, and serious look to the future, that is The Abortion Rights Freedom Ride Report.

This report, circulated widely, carries the potential to change the way people are thinking about abortion, and about what role women can play in society.  

What is it going to take to WIN this fight, so that future generations are not still facing the same struggle for this basic right?  If you feel like this report gives answers to that question, if you want to see more of this happening, if you are not afraid of the word "abortion" and want to see a real movement for women's liberation take on these battles head-on and full force...

Then Get Involved with this November's Counter-Offensive against the vicious efforts to shut down the last abortion clinic in Missississpi, and against the 20-week ban on abortion in Albuquerque, as well as the targeted terrorizing of the clinic there: the practice of 2 of the 4 late-term abortion doctors in nation.

Download the Abortion Rights Freedom Ride Report.

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