Why is General Petraeus Afraid of Being Questioned?

Debra Sweet | November 4, 2014

The evening of October 30, at the 92nd Street & in Manhattan — which has a reputation for being a center of culture and freedom of expression — Ray McGovern (the outspoken anti-war activist and former CIA analyst) was confronted by name and denied entry to an event where General David Petraeus was speaking.  Very quickly after being blocked by 92nd Street Y security, Ray was injured by the NYPD, arrested, held overnight in Central Booking (formerly known as The Tombs), and charged with "criminal trespass" in the third degree, and "resisting arrest."

Ray McGovern

Ray McGovern leaving court Friday October 31 after a night in Central Booking, NYC

Ray had a ticket for the event, as part of an action organized by War Criminals Watch, which has protested Petraeus many times since 2009.  Ray was at the buildling entrance, when he was told by security, “Ray, you can't go in.” Ray protested that he had a ticket, and expected to go in as other members of the public were. Quickly, he was grabbed by security, and then handed over to the NYPD, who roughly arrested him. His previously injured shoulder was re-injured, requiring a trip to the hospital.

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Ray is the former CIA analyst who thoroughly embarassed Donald Rumsfeld in 2006 when he questioned him on how the Iraq war was going.  He was beaten up by event security in Washington D.C. just for turning his back on then-Secretary of State Hilary Clinton during a speech. Recently, legal proceedings got him officially removed from the "BOLO" (Be On the Look-Out) list of federal authorities.  See more on Ray's website.

But what are these authorities so afraid of that Ray couldn't even be allowed in the room when Petraeus was speaking? They couldn't take even one question on the continued illegitimate, immoral, unjust war on Iraq & Syria.

Ray with banner

Stephanie Rugoff (War Criminals Watch), Ray McGovern, and a Halloween - costumed intern in the World Can't Wait office after Ray's release from jail on October 31. Ray's eye had been injured in a previous accident, and his spirits were very good, given a night in jail with no sleep or food.

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