34 Arrested Blocking Creech Air Force Base, Home of US Drone War

March 16, 2015

NPR interviews protesters:

A protest is underway near Creech Air Force Base northwest of Las Vegas. It’s centered on allegations that the United States Air Force is operating an anti-terrorism drone program that is killing innocent civilians.

John Amidon is a member of Veterans for Peace, among the organizations staging the protest. He says drone pilots at Creech Air Force Base are remotely piloting missions thousands of miles away and killing innocent people in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia.

"They end up killing children and not the enemy combatants that they hoped for. We have quite a lot of information now that indicates that for every intended target, 28 unknown innocent people are killed," Amidon says.

Amidon cites information from the U-K-based human rights organization Reprieve, which on its website claims that President Obama personally signs off on each day’s "kill list."

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