#RiseUpOctober Schedule Released!

Rise Up October | October 8th, 2015

For news from #RiseUpOctober – go daily to StopMassIncarceration.net and riseupoctober.org for more on the 3 days of action to STOP Police Terror - Which Side Are You On?  Click Here to Endorse.



Thursday October 22nd (Click Here for the latest updates, schedule and meeting locations for October 22nd):

Stolen Lives: #SayTheirName . A commemoration of hundreds of unarmed people killed by law enforcement in the U.S., launching three days of action. Join families whose loved ones’ lives have been stolen; artists, musicians, actors, faith leaders, elected representatives, professors in reading the names. AddMyVoice@RiseUpOctober.org   Rally to Stop Police Brutality & Murder;  Brooklyn NYPD officers have killed dozens of people in Brooklyn. This must STOP! Join the protest.  MARCHVisit the October 22nd event page on Facebook.


Friday October 23rd (Click Here for the latest updates, schedule and meeting locations for October 23rd):

Shut Down Rikers Island! It’s been called “New York’s Abu Ghraib,” a combination torture chamber & concentration camp. After years of exposure, after lawsuits and decrees, horrors that shock the conscience continue unabated. In the country’s largest jail, every day lives are irreparably damaged. Join in a non-violent direct action and protest to Shut Down Rikers Island. Sign up to be part of the action, or to provide support. Write: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Visit the October 23rd event page on Facebook.


Saturday October 24th (Click Here for the latest updates, schedule and meeting locations for October 24th)

Gather your school, faith group, union to march together.  Bring your signs & banners, your children, and take the day to show which side you’re on.  MARCH to put our demand to the whole world.  This genocidal epidemic of murder by police must STOP.  This will be a peaceful & determined march.  At the front will be the “Stolen Lives” families. Volunteer at RiseUpOctober.org outreach@riseupoctober.org (646) 709-1961. Visit the October 24th event page on Facebook.

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