Commitment to Standing Against Endless War, Killing, and Violence

Amanda Bass, Advisory Board, War Criminals Watch | March 20, 2016

World Can't Wait was among the courageous institutions that stood in solidarity with the NYU law students who, in the Spring of 2015, authored a Statement of No Confidence in Harold Koh due to his role as one of the key legal architects of the Obama Administration's targeted killing program.

As one of the student organizers and signatories of the petition, I know how important World Can't Wait's solidarity was for NYU Law student organizers and signatories who were subjected to smearing and intimidation--perpetrated by NYU Law administrators and some faculty--as a result of our critique of Mr. Koh's defense of targeted killings. Members of World Can't Wait were among the few who showed up to our demonstrations outside of the law school, helped us pass out literature to the public about the Statement of No Confidence, and attended our round table discussion on drones and targeted killings. In these ways, World Can't Wait demonstrated, yet again, its de facto commitment to standing against endless war, killing, and violence and with marginalized people--whether they be students attempting to speak truth to power or the victims of our nation's drones.

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