Neither Candidate running for president will stop the U.S. war on the world... it's up to us

Debra Sweet | August 10, 2016

Last week I asked for your responses to the Democratic Party organizing people to chant "USA! USA!" to drown out chants of "No More War!" at their convention. No surprise -- everyone who wrote expressed disgust at the the naked, chauvinist expression of supoprt for imperialist war from the Democratic Party.

The anti-war display of model drones put together by World Can't Wait,, and the Brandywine Peace Community, was seen by thousands of delegates.  We handed out 5,000 flyers explaining the US war of targeted killing on 7 Muslim countries, and spoke with a lot of Bernie delegates, some Clinton delegates, many Philadelphia residents.  We did not know delegates would chant "NO More War" when former defense secretary Panetta, and former Marine general John Allen spoke, but we applaud their action.

Here are representative email responses:

  • Most of the progressive peace lovers I know in the Corvallis area are EXTREMELY PROUD of the fact that it was the OREGON delegation that FINALLY roared for something other than violence from our “Defense Dept.” Trying to drown us out really didn't work--people heard us, and it was reported!! Yelling out USA is so--selfish, for lack of a better word.
  • I've always hated those USA! USA! chants. I am most familiar with them at the Olympics where any US success is often greeted with them. I feel that they are especially arrogant because the US is always capable of sending a well-financed and highly trained team, whereas many other nations are not. I may be wrong, but I am not aware that the other nations respond to their winning performances in like manner. I can only imagine that it causes resentment.  Of course, I hated them even more when they erupted during the gulf and Iraq wars. Now, we hear them at the DNC, along with numerous mentions of how great and "exceptional" the US is. How sad.
  • I could not bring myself to watch the tv version of the criminal coup of our republic. What I saw and read online was macabre and chilling. I have never been a conspiracy theorist -- I have degrees in English and history -- but I'm beginning to believe all the new world order stuff. Obama's horrific drone strikes...the odious TPP...the blatant collusion between the Clinton campaign and the DNC and MSM. I am awake and will not simply "come to heel" and comply and behave.
  • I was chilled by the remarks of the general she picked. Ugh. Still I trust Trump even less and one can say that Hillary only continues the very longstanding American tradition of domination and pillage. Super sad, but I will still hold my nose and work to get her elected.
  • I have always cringed when I hear the nationalism of "USA! USA!  I am for a better world -- not USA running the world.  I think the DNC means that the USA has the right to wage war on anyone they wish. It's a plea for "Might Makes Right!"  This is another reason to vote for Jill Stein in November, especially in those states where the outcome between Clinton and Trump is already a foregone conclusion. Strategic voting is certainly an option for those who want to get our democracy back and to make peace instead of war.

World Can't Wait is not working to get anyone elected to run this system.

We will continue to expose the crimes being carried out by our government, and call on people to help stop them.

Main Reports on Protest & Resistance Neither Candidate running for president will stop the U.S. war on the world... it's up to us


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