Neither Candidate running for president will stop the U.S. war on the world... it's up to us

Debra Sweet | August 10, 2016

Last week I asked for your responses to the Democratic Party organizing people to chant "USA! USA!" to drown out chants of "No More War!" at their convention. No surprise -- everyone who wrote expressed disgust at the the naked, chauvinist expression of supoprt for imperialist war from the Democratic Party.

The anti-war display of model drones put together by World Can't Wait,, and the Brandywine Peace Community, was seen by thousands of delegates.  We handed out 5,000 flyers explaining the US war of targeted killing on 7 Muslim countries, and spoke with a lot of Bernie delegates, some Clinton delegates, many Philadelphia residents.  We did not know delegates would chant "NO More War" when former defense secretary Panetta, and former Marine general John Allen spoke, but we applaud their action.

Here are representative email responses:

World Can't Wait is not working to get anyone elected to run this system.

We will continue to expose the crimes being carried out by our government, and call on people to help stop them.