Message From Emma, in the streets of D.C.

Emma Kaplan | January 19, 2017

Please read and consider this important message from Emma Kaplan, member of the World Can't Wait Steering Committee:

My name is Emma and I am one of the many volunteers who came to Washington DC to STOP Trump and Pence from coming to power. Not waiting until Friday or Saturday but to stop him from being inaugurated as President of the United States.

We have been out in the streets every day and every night here in DC, growing to hundreds and tonight we must grow to thousands & soon to millions to bring DC to a halt.

Last night we shut down the Trump International Hotel. New people have been joining us off the sidelines, running in the streets hugging us, tears filling their eyes and joy filling their hearts. A significant number of people are beginning to feel hope for something that seemed so impossible days ago, now feeling like we have a real chance. But we have to grow massively and the next couple of days are decisive.

This is why I am sending this message to you, to everyone reading.

Let me tell you why I am here and am throwing EVERYTHING I can into stopping this before it starts:

I am one of millions who is sick to their stomach of the thought of Donald Trump becoming president. The idea of him being president and getting the reins of power is horrifying. He talks about faith registries, has started a nuclear arms race. He talks about pussy grabbing, punishing women for excercising control over their own bodies. He talks about stripping away citizenship for those who express what are supposed to be constitutional rights. He demonizes and degrades black and brown people and used a violent movement to come to power. He will escalate what is already an environmental catastrophe.

Let me tell you why all this shakes me to my core. My great grandparents and my grandmother's baby brother were murdered in Auschvitz in Nazi Germany. I am one of the many people here in DC with this history, the stories and the memories of people gassed in concentration camps, of the numbers on people's arms.

We all have wondered how could people stand by and let this happen. We shame the German people for not acting to stop it.

Yet now, we are all facing an American Hitler. This is not hyperbole or an exaggeration. There are many different types of definitions of fascism and Donald Trump fits every single one of them. Today the stakes could be even higher, with Trump having the power of nuclear weapons and a military that Hitler couldn't even dream of.

We all have to confront this soberly and act accordingly. There are tens of millions of us who are sick about what Trump represents and if they flood DC before the inauguration, we have a chance.

Don't talk to me about "the odds" of doing this if you are not out in the streets doing everything you can to STOP Trump/Pence from coming to power. Get in a car, get in a train, get on a bus and get your ass to DC in the next 24 hours. Call in sick, tell your work that you have a family emergency. Because this IS an emergency for families everywhere. The families who will be ripped apart from deportations and an escalation of mass incarceration and police murder.

Don't wish me good luck or tell me "keep it up," if you absolutely can't come because you are bed-ridden, or have 6 children, be in the streets when you can. Make a donation to support people who are able to be here. Follow the action on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and share with others.

The other night Carl Dix, a man who I deeply respect said, "Don't be a 21st century Good German, be a Harriet Tubman."

We all have a choice, who will you be?

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