Those who proclaim human rights yet exhibit no humanity

Debra Sweet | May 16, 2023,

This week's news comes from friends and supporters of World Can't Wait and the movement to stop the crimes of our government, in the name of humanity and the planet. Thank you for taking courageous action!

From Carol Dudek:
We share this note from Carol who produces the blog, Sudan's Struggle: "My look at Sudan was interrupted for several months - I was devastated by my husband Jim’s death in November. I’m privileged now to continue presenting global reports on the situation of our friends in Sudan." This is a project Carol began during the courageous mass uprising in 2019 of Sudan's people against their longtime ruler in hopes of overcoming military dictatorship. Her interest was sparked when she got to know and help free a Sudanese prisoner unjustly held in U.S. federal prison, who now resides in Sudan.

From Toby Blomé:

Last month nearly four dozen activists participated in some or all of the first ever week-long anti-drone peace convergence at Holloman Air Force Base in southern New Mexico, where over 700 drone pilots and operators graduate every year.  Nick Mottern, now organizing the November 2023 Merchants of Death War Crimes Tribunal to hold accountable "defense" contractors for possible crimes against humanity, reported that the reception from locals was often favorable, as participants attempted to challenge those being trained to operate weaponized drones.


Participating in Green Card Soldier Event:
Lyle Rubin, a veteran who is one of the We Are Not Your Soldiers presenters, was a panelist in this conversation sponsored by Scholars Strategy Network and Brooklyn for Peace about U.S. imperialism and the recruitment of immigrants into the U.S. military. Please be sure to watch the video here.

From Nydia Leaf and Andy Worthington:
Nydia sent coverage of the artist and former Bagram and Guantanamo prisoner Muhammad Ahmed Rabbani, recently released and showing his deeply meaningful art in Pakistan.

Andy has organized global protests to Close Guantanamo over the last five months. On May 5 we protested in London, Mexico City, Los Angeles, Copenhagen, Brussels, Raleigh, Detroit, Cobleskill NY and, above, in NYC. The next protest is Wednesday June 7. Make your own (and let us know if we can help)!

Just in from Matthew Hoh:
The organization he works with is running a full-page letter as an advertisement in the print edition of The New York Times today. It opens by saying, "The Russia-Ukraine War has been an unmitigated disaster. Hundreds of thousands have been killed or wounded. Millions have been displaced. Environmental and economic destruction have been incalculable. Future devastation could be exponentially greater as nuclear powers creep ever closer toward open war." You can read the full letter here on their website.


In the streets with NYC Extinction Rebellion:
World Can't Wait was one of the cosponsors of three days of action in April which included a march and a festival and sit-in in front of CitiBank to demand no new coal, oil or gas. On the third day, Debra made a presentation on the connections between U.S. wars and imperialism and the climate and extinction threats to our planet.

xrnycFrom Kathy Kelly:
Mohammad Abunahel "has devoted skill and energy to create a map which now draws the most 'hits' of any section on He considers the maps as a step in addressing wider problems of militarism. The unique concept shows all U.S. bases along with their negative impacts in one data base which is easy to navigate. This allows people to grasp the intensifying toll of U.S. militarism and also provides information useful for taking action to close bases."



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