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NATO in Chicago: Thousands Protest War Criminals’ Summit

From Revolution

NATO, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, held its summit this year in Chicago on May 20-21. NATO, the largest military alliance in the world, is dominated by U.S. imperialism. Its 28 countries account for 65 percent of the world’s military spending, the largest being the United States. NATO’s so-called “peacekeeping” is aimed at maintaining a world of Western, especially U.S., imperialist domination over the people of the world, and at blocking any potential great power rivals.

And the fundamental purpose of NATO’s so-called “humanitarianism” is to devote massive weaponry to protect, defend, and extend a system that inflicts great suffering on the vast majority of humanity and enriches a handful—this is the “world order” of capitalism-imperialism. (see “NATO in Chicago May 20-21: War Criminals Summit,” Revolution #269)


Chicago: Peace Town

By David Swanson  
A huge crowd gathered for several hours and marched for over two miles in the hot sun to oppose NATO and U.S. wars on Sunday in Chicago.  Finishing the march outside the NATO meeting, numerous U.S. veterans of current wars denounced their previous "service" and threw their medals over the fence, a scene not witnessed since the U.S. war on Vietnam.
This event, with massive turnout and tremendous energy, saw the participation of numerous groups from Chicago and the surrounding area, including students, teachers, and activists on a variety of issues, as well as anti-war activists and Occupiers from around the country and the world.  No one can have been disappointed with the turnout, but it might have been bigger if not for the fear that was spread prior to Sunday.  In the face of that fear, Sunday's action was remarkable.


Berkeley Law Grads Say No to Torture Advocates

from World Can't Wait, San Francisco chapter 

At last week’s UC Berkeley School of Law 2012 commencement ceremony, the now-famous orange ribbons that are worn to declare “No Torture in My Name," were highly visible.
World Can’t Wait gives a shout out to the 16 friends who joined the crew to distribute the orange ribbons and our flyer challenging UC’s continuing defense of “Torture Professor” John Yoo.  Thanks to you all.  You enabled many - we estimate over 15%, of the 430 graduating law students - to walk the stage to receive diplomas with the ribbons pinned onto their gowns, mortarboards and sashes. This was very significant and something that Boalt’s dean and torture apologist, Christopher Edley could hardly overlook.


We Have to Change an Unjust Situation

Speech by Mary Ann Thomas, World Can’t Wait San Francisco, at April 19th rally saying No to Mass Incarceration

[Mary Ann began by walking to the podium in an orange jumpsuit & black hood, then taking the hood off.]

I'm MaryAnn Thomas, and I work with World Cant Wait.

Do I look like a Guantanamo Torture Victim? I should -- because this, my jumpsuit and hood,  is what they have worn since the prison at Guantanamo opened. The prison at Guantanamo – where the U.S. has detained, imprisoned, and tortured 100’s of prisoners from across the Middle East and South Asia. 

Guantanamo is a place of war crimes committed by the government of the United States.   


Taking to the Streets on April 19: NO to Mass Incarceration!

from Revolution 

On April 19, in cities around the country, people took to the streets to BREAK THE SILENCE in response to the reality that "Mass Incarceration + Silence = Genocide." What is the significance of these actions? And why do many more people need to join this movement?

The U.S. has the highest rate of imprisonment of any country on earth: 2.4 million people in jail or prison, almost one person per 100. Nearly five million more under "supervised control"—on probation or parole. Black and Latino people, who are 30 percent of the U.S. population, are over 60 percent of those in prison. One in nine young Black men are in prison.


War Crimes Indictment Served at Hancock Air Base: Thirty-three Preemptive Arrests

Press Release from the Upstate Coalition to Ground the Drones and End the Wars:

For Immediate Release:
Contact: Ed Kinane, 315-478-4571
Mary Anne Grady Flores, 607-280-8797

Today, in an action that included three women successfully reading a War Crimes Indictment at Hancock Air Field in Mattydale, NY, thirty-three members of the Upstate Coalition to Ground the Drones were preemptively arrested by the Onondaga County Sheriff’s Dept. two blocks from the entrance to the base. Those arrested included an 87 year old woman in a wheelchair, parents (accompanying their children), a member of the press, and the group’s attorney Ron Van Norstrand. Cameras, camcorders and phones were confiscated by the Sheriff’s Department.  To view a video of the action, see


Stanford Students Protest CIA on Campus

Students at Stanford protested recruiters for the CIA on campus April 11.
CBS San Francisco reports:


Shutting Down a Military Recruiting Office Near Little Kabul: Afghans for Peace Protest US War on Afghanistan

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by Stephanie Tang

Friday, March 30, Fremont CA:  Outraged by the March 11 massacre of 17 villagers in Afghanistan’s Kandahar Province, people took to the streets of Fremont, California in a bold anti-war march and direct action that shut down the local Armed Forces Career Center (recruitment office) for the afternoon.  

Fremont, an affluent suburb south of Oakland, is home to the largest Afghan community in the U.S.  There’s been no anti-war protest there for as long as anyone can remember, either by Afghans or anyone else. But last fall, a few dozen Afghans held a community peace walk and vigil against the U.S. war and occupation of their homeland on its tenth anniversary.  Now the Kandahar massacre has electrified new outrage, with emergency anti-war vigils initiated by Afghans for Peace spreading to 15 cities.* On March 17 a public rally in downtown Fremont drew 200 people from the wider Afghan community to denounce the massacre and although political views from the stage were mixed, the war itself was powerfully denounced by young members of Afghans for Peace, and others. 


San Francisco, March 19: Protesting 9 Years of War and Occupation

from the San Francisco chapter of World Can't Wait  

March 19 marks nine years since the invasion of Iraq. This invasion was illegitimate, immoral, unjust, and based on lies when George W. Bush began it, and the continued U.S. domination of that country remains so.

The occupation of Iraq has caused the worst humanitarian crisis of our time: massive slaughter, displacement, wholesale destruction of infrastructure and dismantling of governing structures. Iraq's economy, politics, and military remain subordinate to and dominated by American imperialism. Thousands of U.S. diplomats, military contractors, CIA operatives, and other support personnel remain in Iraq. 


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World Can't Wait mobilizes people living in the United States to stand up and stop war on the world, repression and torture carried out by the US government. We take action, regardless of which political party holds power, to expose the crimes of our government, from war crimes to systematic mass incarceration, and to put humanity and the planet first.