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Creative, Colorful Acts of Conscience: What Sustaining World Can't Wait Makes Possible

9/11 No License for Torture and WarBy Debra Sweet

Over the past week, in actions small and large, as many of you reading this were rightly disgusted by the 9/11 propaganda machine in overdrive, the work of World Can't Wait has centered around the idea that American lives are NOT worth more than other people's lives.

In New York City, as war criminals make the rounds, still claiming 9/11 gives them license to murder and torture anyone they want, we were in the streets and at their forums, speaking the truth and denouncing their crimes, exposed to the whole world for years now. Read more about the encounters with John Yoo, Donald Rumsfeld, Michael Mukasey, Ari Fleischer, and Michael Chertoff.

On September 11th itself, just a few blocks from Bush and Obama's event, the World Can't Wait Memorial to the Victims of the Global War on Terror was set up.


NYC remembers victims of US wars

Debra Sweet at 911 Global Memorial
As the world remembers almost 3,000 people that were left dead in the 9/11 attacks ten years ago, demonstrators have gathered in New York in a memorial for the victims of the “global war on terror,” Press TV reports.


Images from the Memorial for Victims of the "Global War on Terror"

Reports to come... view more photos on Flickr.

Displaying shoes representing just a fraction of the lives taken in the past 10 years of unjust war

Right: a giant display on imperialism and internationalism.
Above: Marching in Manhattan on September 11th against the wars and against anti-Muslim bigotry.

Protesting the War Criminals in NYC

Protesting the war criminalsProtests against the Bush era+ war criminals appearing throughout NYC this month continue. Find out more and get involved at

By Stephanie Rugoff

Thursday., Sept. 8, 11:00 am – A small number of protesters organized by World Can’t Wait and CodePink arrived outside the Russian Tea Room to announce to passersby on West 57th Street  – via a banner, posters and leaflets –that the war criminal Donald Rumsfeld was in the vicinity.

Thursday, Sept. 8, 5:00 pm – 10 people gathered outside the University Club.  While we did not see John Yoo, we saw quite a few "grim country-clubbers" and young Ivy League type attorneys go in.  Some people entering assured us they weren't going in to see Yoo.  But others stated that Yoo "kept you alive" and other such nonsense.   We stood our ground when the Club’s security tried to get us to move. 


What it Means to Resist War Crimes

November 2, 2005 Convergence to Drive Out the Bush Regime

November 2, 2005 Convergence to Drive Out the Bush Regime


By Debra Sweet

I credit The World Can’t Wait’s founding work to “drive out the Bush regime” in the summer of 2005 with helping to change public perception of George W. Bush from “dumb” to “dangerous.” As the former president will stand at the World Trade Center on Sunday memorializing those killed on 9/11/01, we should keep firmly in mind the truly massive crimes unleashed under the rubric of the “global war on terror.”


Torture memo author John Yoo greeted by protesters at GOP convention

Via Raw Story

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Video courtesy Bill Carpenter

Demonstrators gathered outside a statewide convention of California Young Republican Federation members on Friday to protest the appearance of John Yoo, the former U.S. Department of Justice official who authored the highly controversial “Torture Memos.” Conservative author Ann Coulter and blogger Andrew Breitbart also participated in the San Francisco event.


Reports on August 1 International Day of Solidarity and Protest in Support of the Prison Hunger Strikers

View more photos from protests across the country.

This was a day of action initiated by World Can’t Wait and taken up by the Prison Hunger Strike Solidarity Coalition, calling for people of conscience everywhere to act to support and respect the prisoners at Pelican Bay State Prison and other prisons all around California. The prisoners’ courageous 20-day hunger strike in July successfully challenged the inhumane conditions of the Security Housing Units [SHU] in the eyes of the world. The hunger strike spread to thousands of prisoners in at least 13 prisons across California, and hauled into the light of day decades of inhumane torture and abuse going on behind the prison walls. These prisoners have inspired people’s support far and wide.


We Are Not Your Soldiers at LA Rising

LA RisingFrom the LA Chapter of World Can't Wait

 We Are Not Your Soldiers was an undeniable presence at LA Rising. Hundreds of orange WANYS bandanas were visible on arms, around necks, hanging from belts, and worn as head covers. 10 Students from the LA area, whose teacher has had the speaking tour visit his classes, staffed our table and met and talked with young people about driving recruiters out of schools.


Declaring a Victory & Ongoing Struggle

The protest and resistance is not about gangs. It’s all about a collective effort to end the torture in these SHUs and we hope it sill serve as an example to all inmates: there’s real power in collective peaceful protest actions.

Written Statement by Short Corridor Collective (a small representative of the Hunger Strike Leaders at Pelican Bay)

To Supporters:

On July 1, 2011, a collective group of PBSP-SHU inmates composed of all races began an indefinite hunger strike as a means of peacefully protesting 20-40 years of human rights violations. The offenses against us rose to the level of both physical and mental torture—for example, the coercing of SHU inmates into becoming known informants for the state and thereby placing those prisoners, and possibly their families outside of prison, at serious risk of danger in response to being known to have informed on and caused harm to other inmates via informing on them. The decision to strike was not made on a whim. It came about in response to years of subjection to progressively more primitive conditions and decades of isolation, sensory deprivation and total lack of normal human contact, with no end in sight. This reality, coupled with our prior ineffective collective filing of thousands of inmate grievances and hundreds of court actions to challenge such blatantly illegal policies and practices (as more fully detailed and supported by case law, in our formal complaint available online here) led to our conclusion that a peaceful protest via hunger strike was our only available avenue to expose what’s really been going on here in CDCR-SHU prisons and to force meaningful change.


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World Can't Wait mobilizes people living in the United States to stand up and stop war on the world, repression and torture carried out by the US government. We take action, regardless of which political party holds power, to expose the crimes of our government, from war crimes to systematic mass incarceration, and to put humanity and the planet first.