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37 Arrested Protesting Drones at Hancock Air Base

By Tom Keogh
Member of the Brooklyn for Peace Anti Militarism Committee
(Note – this article is slightly edited from an email we received from Tom Keogh)

On Friday, April 22, activists held an anti -war, anti- drone protest at the Hancock Air National Guard base near Syracuse. There was also a protest at a drone base in Nevada yesterday.

People from Staten Island, the Bronx, Manhattan and Brooklyn were there. Some were arrested. 37 people were arrested including Jerome Berrigan , 91, brother of Fr. Dan Berrigan and the late Phillip Berrigan. One TV station says that 200 were arrested which was not accurate.


Thousands in the Streets Against the War

JumpsuitsVia CBS New York:

Thousands attended an anti-war rally at Union Square on Saturday.

One woman had tears in her eyes as she talked about her nephews who are in the military and how she believed she may never see them again. Another man drove more than nine hours from Ohio so that his voice could be heard...

Carol Kennedy came from Pennsylvania and said that the killing of innocent people needs to stop.

"Anytime you have drones and other bombs—they kill people even if your intentions are to kill people like Ghaddafi,” Kennedy said.


'Tea-Partiers for Torture' Met with Righteous Protest: Report from SF Bay Area Chapter

Confronting Yoo

Confronting John Yoo, notorious Torture Professor

By Curt Wechsler

Tuesday night April 5, World Can’t Wait and members of Code Pink, Progressive Democrats of America and 9/11 Truth mixed it up with teapartiers in Mountain View, California.

The Conservative Forum of Silicon Valley was hosting a speech titled “Presidential Power in time of Crisis” by John Yoo, the sometimes-professor of law at UC Berkeley (he spends most of his time hawking a book). Hardly the “conservative” organization it pegs itself as, this group espouses radical ideas of unlimited executive power and a rewriting of the U.S. Constitution. Yoo has been traveling the country in a fierce attempt to rehabilitate the history of his part in establishing the state torture program employed by the Bush Regime.


Malalai Joya, Noam Chomsky Denounce US Occupation of Afghanistan

Malalai Joya and Noam Chomsky

Malalai Joya and Noam Chomsky in Boston on Mar. 25, 2011. Joya said that the Administration did not want to give her a visa because her message exposes the lies that justify the U.S. war in Afghanistan

By David Swanson

March 26 - In two jam-packed appearances this weekend, Afghan feminist leader Malalai Joya reached at least 1500 people with her denunciations of the U.S. occupation of Afghanistan. She spoke with Professor Noam Chomsky to 1200 people at Harvard's Memorial Church Friday night and to 300 in Jamaica Plain this afternoon. The Harvard event was the largest single Boston area event focused on opposing the Afghanistan war since the war's start almost ten years ago.


Together We are Ending the Silence

Donate Now!



Help reach the goal of $6,000 by the end of the day Tuesday to fund this movement.

For the people of Iraq, March 19th marked the 8th anniversary of the occupation by the United States.  A whole generation is growing up watching their homeland destroyed, friends and family dead, imprisoned or made into refugees by an insatiable empire.

Today in the United States, because of people like you, a message to the people of Iraq and in fact the world, is being sent.  The message that US wars and occupations are not in our name.  Together we are ending the silence.

More reports and photos from protests yesterday and today on World Can't Wait's Facebook page, continuously updated. 


Daniel Ellsberg: Why I'm Risking Arrest Tomorrow

Daniel Ellsberg was arrested in front of the White House this afternoon.

More videos:

Ralph Nader, Raed Jarrar, others.

Elaine Brower

Activists Stand Up for Bradley Manning—and PJ Crowley

Protest for Bradley ManningBy Medea Benjamin

When we heard on Sunday that P.J. Crowley had resigned as spokesman for the State Department after criticizing the Pentagon's treatment of suspected whistleblower Army private Bradley Manning, my CODEPINK colleagues and I knew we had to respond. How outrageous that yet another person gets punished for simply telling the truth—Crowley called Manning’s treatment “ridiculous, counterproductive and stupid”—while the war criminals go free. I can think of a lot stronger words to use for the way the Pentagon is holding Manning in solitary confinement for 10 months now, before he has even had a trial or been convicted of anything.


American Human Rights Groups Place Ad in Spanish Newspaper Encouraging Prosecution of US War Criminals


By David Swanson

You signed the petition.  You visited the embassy and consulates.  You donated the funding.  Now check out the ad your dollars paid for in El Publico newspaper in Spain.

Here's the text in English:
A Spanish judge, acting under international law, will soon decide whether to investigate US officials' roles in authorizing torture. We hope you agree that such cases must go forward, despite pressure from the Obama administration to drop them.  The organizations sponsoring this advertisement represent hundreds of thousands in the American public who believe the US government must be held to the same rule of law as other countries. We thank the people of Spain for your courage, and ask for your support as your courts consider bringing American officials to justice for the crime of torture.

Read more / view larger image.

This originally appeared on on March 4, 2011.


Turmoil Continues in Egypt: Constitutional Amendments, Resignations; Disappearances and Convictions in Military Courts

By Andy Worthington Egypt crowd scene

In the three weeks since I last wrote about Egypt, following the fall of the dictator Hosni Mubarak and the assumption of control by the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces, a key question I asked at the time has, at least partly, been answered.

That question was: “whether enough people will stay out on the streets, and continue to engage in strike action, to ensure that a second key element of the protestors’ aims — primarily, the establishment of a civilian-controlled interim administration prior to free and fair elections, and an end to the state of emergency that was in force throughout Mubarak’s 30-year reign — will take place sooner rather than later — or, in the gloomiest scenario, not at all.”

The permanent occupation of Egypt’s public spaces — most famously, Tahrir Square in Cairo, but also in the streets of Alexandria and in other towns and cities across the country — overwhelmed Mubarak with sheer numbers (eight million people!) in just 18 days, but was, it is fair to say, unsustainable once the main object of the revolution relinquished control after 30 years.


Prosecution of Ray McGovern is Dropped

From Partnership for Civil Justice

The charges against Ray McGovern have been dropped and the government has decided not to proceed with its prosecution. Mr. McGovern, age 71, was subjected to an outrageous and abusive arrest, which left him bruised and bleeding.
He had been standing silently with his back turned to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton when she delivered her address on Feb. 15 at George Washington University, in which she insisted other governments around the world not stifle free expression.


Standing Up to War and Hillary Clinton

Ray McGovernBy Ray McGovern

It was not until Secretary of State Hillary Clinton walked to the George Washington University podium last week to enthusiastic applause that I decided I had to dissociate myself from the obsequious adulation of a person responsible for so much death, suffering and destruction.

I was reminded of a spring day in Atlanta almost five years earlier when then-Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld strutted onto a similar stage to loud acclaim from another enraptured audience.


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