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Censoring Protest: Black-Ops & Media-Whiteout

Veterans for Peace arrestedBy libbyliberal

QUESTION: If a dramatic Veterans for Peace-led protest happens in the very front of the White House, Dec. 16, 2010, and 250 activists at least assemble in the cold and SNOW, and 135 of them stand tall in front of the White House fence, some even chaining themselves to it, and those 135 are arrested, but the mainstream media including progressive corporate media don't see it and report on it ... or saw but chose not to report on it more accurately ...

... did it really happen?

Yes, yes, yes! but shame shame shame shame on our propaganda selling out fourth estate!!


12/3/1970: Confronting Nixon 40 Years Ago

Nixon Told to Get Out of War by Madison Girl

Face to face with Nixon in 1970

By Debra Sweet

There’s a longer story to be written here, but for now I’m glad to put this off because there are contemporary heroes making immediate contributions to stopping the current wars, and we are busy defending them and digging into what’s coming out every day in the leaked US cables from Wikileaks.  So, today– the brief version of what happened to me 40 years ago, tomorrow…

I was an activist in my high school years, for which I got a series of awards, leading up to receiving the Young American Medal for Service of 1970, annually given by the US President.  I learned of that in June, 1970, while I was at The Hague in Holland, attending the World Food Conference, as part of a rag-tag US youth delegation. We had just disrupted a US event there with an anti-Vietnam war protest, “embarrassing” the ambassador and getting us nearly booted.  At first I thought the letter from The White House must be a joke, but no, the Department of Justice had called my parents, and was trying to set up a date for the family to come to Washington.


Tale Of A Pissed-Off Peace Activist

I waved my hand at Bush. He waved back and I yelled. "Who would Jesus torture?"

By Dede Miller

On Monday, November 29th, I attended an event at Saddleback Church, or, as I now call it, Sodom and Gomorrah, in Lake Forest California. George Bush was the guest Philistine. Sodom and Gomorrah is located deep in the heart of VERY conservative Orange county California. I, and my fellow defenders of good and justice, were literally in the belly of the beast..
The "church" grounds are massive and I must note here, looked a lot like a Disney design. There were Cafes and hangout spots for teens. Sports facilities, shops "all the halls were decked…” Christmas Muzak coming from all the bushes could be heard over the sound of the electric meters spinning and the lady behind me talking about her thought process on whether she should have worn her mink stole.


War Criminal Bush Protested in Houston

By Texas Death Penalty Abolition Movement 

On a bright and sunny morning in Houston, war criminal George W. Bush came to River Oaks to sign copies of his book "Decision Points." Some fans of Bush camped out as early as 5 a.m. to get in line.
The police and Secret Service were out in force blocking off parking spaces and harassing peaceful protesters. The Houston Police department had several officers on horseback. About 25 protesters from several organizations turned out to raise awareness of Bush's war crimes and torture policies.


Bury Bush’s Ground Breaking Lies

By Debra Sweet 

I'm sorry to have missed the protests this week in Dallas, where I was scheduled to speak and participate in opposition to the ground-breaking ceremony today at the George W. Bush Library site at Southern Methodist University.

Activists call it W's "Lie Bury." 


Hundreds at Philly Courthouse Demand Justice for Mumia

By C. Clark Kissinger 

The largest courtroom of the federal Third Circuit Court of Appeals was packed with supporters of Mumia Abu-Jamal as a three judge panel heard the latest oral arguments in his case. Outside hundreds more marched and chanted.
People from all over the Eastern United States were there, including a whole history class from Hunter College in New York. There were also delegations from France and Germany.


Chicago Chapter: Challenging People with "Collateral Murder" and Marching Against the War

Chicago Chapter - War Crimes Must be StoppedFrom the Chicago Chapter

On Saturday, October 9th  local World Can't Wait activists showed the Wikileaks video "Collateral Murder" in downtown Evanston.  We projected the video onto the side of a large red sculpture at the corner of a busy intersection.  Many of the people who were willing to stop and look at it were very young, some still in high school. One young woman knew exactly what this video was, telling her friends that it showed U.S. troops "killing innocent civilians in Iraq." She went on to say that two Iraqi journalists had been killed.


Protests and Speeches Mark Berkeley's "Say No to Torture" Week

By Nadia Prupis 

As the heat rose in Berkeley, California, this week, so did the temperament of the students, faculty and organizations that formed the city's first "Say No to Torture" week, a seven-day call to action created by World Can't Wait, Progressive Democrats of America, and several other groups. The week was developed in response to the recent surfacing of evidence of torture used abroad by US forces, with Berkeley feeling a particularly personal stake in the effort as the home of law professor and alleged war criminal John Yoo.
While serving as deputy assistant attorney general of the United States under the Bush administration, Yoo drafted a memorandum advising the president, the CIA and the Department of Defense on the use of "enhanced interrogation techniques," stating that acts of torture such as sleep deprivation and waterboarding may be legally permissible through wide interpretation of presidential authority. Yoo's August 1, 2002, Interrogation Opinion, signed by Assistant Attorney General Jay Bybee, has now become widely known as the Torture Memos.


Berkeley Says No to Torture: October 10-16

Botero PaintingsSeptember 21, the Berkeley City Council adopted this Resolution, endorsing a whole week of events. Approval by the official leadership of this "small city with a big reputation" will tell the country that ANY community can take a meaningful stand against the torture and demand its end.


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