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Countless Reasons to Sign this Statement

Some examples of why hundreds of people, including Cornel West, Cindy Sheehan, Blasé Bonpane, Paul Roberts, Chris Hedges, Carl Dix, and others are signing this statement. What about you?

One day we will have to explain to our children how we could have allowed such atrocities to occur and what, if any action, we took to oppose it! Tomas Olmos
I sign this to speak out about the injustices that I see every day being carried out by my government. I am outraged and disgusted when I consider all that horror that is done in the name of democracy. That word has no meaning in this land anymore. Paul Candler


White Stripes to Air Force: Stop Using our Music to Recruit for Your War

 The following is excerpted from an article is from the web site of Rolling Stone 

The White Stripes and their management have accused the Air Force Reserve of swiping “Fell in Love with a Girl” for a recruitment commercial that aired during the Super Bowl. “We believe our song was re-recorded and used without permission of the White Stripes, our publishers, label or management,” the band writes in a statement on their official Website.
“We have not licensed this song to the Air Force Reserve and we plan to take strong action to stop the ad containing this music.” 


Port Military Resistance Protester: “I’m not Sorry and I Would do it Again!”

By Emma Kaplan 

[The following is an update to Emma Kaplan's blog, 'Stop Military Spying, Support Port Protesters!']
I want to thank everyone for their statements of support and donations to our trial over the past couple of weeks. The Port Military Protest trial ended January 27th with the judge declaring a mistrial due to juror misconduct. The misconduct? A juror in the case had contact with a witness for the prosecution outside of the courtroom after being instructed by the judge not to do so. The juror? A corrections officer for the Tacoma jail. The witness? A Tacoma police officer who had just testified about arresting the protesters. This was outrageous, and the judge was forced to call a mistrial.


U. Hawai’i: Protest Challenges CIA Recruitment on Campus

By Ann Wright

On February 10, activists protested the University of Hawaii’s participation with U.S. intelligence agencies in a symposium on national security and called on students and faculty to remember the criminal track record of these agencies in torture, assassination, kidnapping and illegal prisons.

Protesters called on the University administration to reject any request by the federal government to create a National Intelligence Center of Academic Excellence (ICCAE, pronounced “icky”) at the University of Hawaii.
Government intelligence agencies, including the CIA, FBI, National Security Agency, Defense Intelligence Agency, and Homeland Security, have created in the past four years twenty-two Intelligence Community Centers for Academic Excellence on university campuses to provide “systematic long-term programs at universities and colleges to recruit and hire eligible talent for [intelligence community] agencies and components” and to “increase the [intelligence recruiting] pipeline of students.” 
However, not only do the centers recruit, but they seem to provide a launching pad for undercover operations for those associated with the university centers. Stan Dei, the Assistant Director at the Intelligence Community Center for Academic Excellence at Trinity University in Washington, DC, was arrested in January, 2010 with three others for plotting to tamper with the telephone system in the New Orleans office of U.S. Senator from Louisiana Mary Landrieu. 
According to an article on Raw Story titled “Landrieu phone plot: Men arrested have links to intelligence community,” Dai also was an undergraduate fellow at the Foundation for the Defense of the Democracies (FDD), a national security think tank in Washington, DC with conservative political figures and politicians, among them: former House speaker Newt Gingrich, Sen. Joe Lieberman, Weekly Standard editor William Kristol, Rep. Eric Cantor, former Bush official Richard Perle and columnist Charles Krauthammer on its advisory board. 
The two day symposium on national security at the University of Hawaii is billed as a “discussion on the role of language and contemporary issues in Asia and in U.S. security issues with networking sessions for students to interact with Intelligence Community personnel and meet with potential employers.” 
Attendance at the conference was increased by providing students with breakfast and lunch each day and a gift card.
Asian and Pacific heritage students are the predominant groups at the University of Hawaii and undoubted the reason for the visit by Dr. Lenora Gant, the Director of all of the Intelligence Community Centers of Excellence. The symposium is co-hosted by the School of Pacific and Asian Studies with faculty members from the East-West Center, which is funded by the U.S. Department of State, and other University of Hawaii faculty members making presentations on language, cultural awareness and cyber challenges in national security along with presentations on “The 21st Century Intelligence Community Enterprise: Challenges and Opportunities” by CIA and other intelligence officials.
ICCAEs provide grants to universities to begin a “partnership between the Intelligence Community, colleges and universities to incorporate curriculum and related initiatives. 
The focus of this effort is to increase the pipeline of competitive applicants to attract, recruit and hire with an emphasis on women and racial/ethnic minorities with critical skills in core business and leadership areas.” (Public Law 108, 177, Section 319).
Once the Intelligence Centers are established on a campus, they use federal funds to provide a cash-strapped university with attractive facilities. At Norfolk State University, a new Video Teleconferencing Training Center was funded through grants from the Office of the Director for National Intelligence (ODNI) and Department of Education.
Outside the School of Korean Studies, the location for the symposium, long-time Hawaii activist Carolyn Hadfield, a coordinator for World Can’t Wait and staff member of Revolution Bookstore, reminded students and faculty going into the building that the CIA and other intelligence agencies had asked their employees to commit illegal actions on behalf of the presidential administrations -- crimes of torture, assassination, kidnapping (extraordinary rendition), secret prisons and illegal eavesdropping and wiretapping. 
Did they want to be employed by organizations that participate in these criminal actions?
Hadfield also reminded University of Hawaii Chancellor Virginia Hinshaw as she emerged from the conference hall, of the long confrontation to keep the University system out of the unpopular, but financially lucrative for the university, Department of Defense classified research business University Affiliated Research Center (UARC).
Hadfield told the University Chancellor that should they be considering bringing an Intelligence Community Center of Excellence to University of Hawaii, the university administration would face another battle.
This article originally appeared on After Downing Street
Ann Wright is a retired US Army Reserve Colonel and a former U.S. diplomat who resigned in March, 2003 in opposition to the war on Iraq. She served in as a US diplomat in Nicaragua, Grenada, Somalia, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Sierra Leone, Micronesia, Afghanistan and Mongolia. She is the co-author of "Dissent: Voices of Conscience." Wright has been arrested numerous times for her peaceful, non-violent protests against the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, torture and other criminal actions by the government of the United States.



Protesters greet Yoo

By Bill Silverfarb  

Protesters called for the prosecution of San Mateo Rotary Club guest speaker John Yoo, a former Bush administration attorney, at Poplar Creek Golf Course yesterday. Yoo gave a half-hour presentation on the power of the presidency.
John Yoo enjoys a good argument. In fact, debate is the foundation of a strong democracy, he told the Daily Journal yesterday.
Yoo gave a half hour presentation to the San Mateo Rotary Club yesterday afternoon on the power of the presidency to a crowd of about 100 as a small group of protesters rallied outside the Poplar Creek Golf Course calling for his arrest.


The Torturer’s Accomplice: Confronting John Yoo in Chicago, San Mateo

Reports from the Chicago and San Francisco chapters of World Can’t Wait  

The Chicago chapter of the Federalist Society hosted John Yoo on his book tour on Monday, Feb. 8. Yoo spoke at the exclusive Union League Club, together with with Bob Barr, former Republican congressman turned presidential nominee for the Libertarian Party. There were no indications of the event postedBut you wouldn't have known anything about the event from the schedule posted or the signs in the lobby. They just indicated the room number for the chapter meeting. Stacks of Yoo's apologia for torture were evident only in the room where he spoke.
About a dozen people protested outsidethe Union League Club. Members of the World Can’t Wait, We Are Change, and other anti-war friends—passed out the brochure developed by Fire John Yoo chapter to passersby, most of whom had no idea what was going on inside.
See "Protesters Greet Yoo" from San Mateo Journal


Bush Deserves Prison, Not a “Pro-Life” Award

We received this from War Criminals Watch  

Honoring George Bush with a “Pro Life Award” is something like honoring an iceberg for sinking the Titanic--although the cost in human life totals hundreds of thousands, not hundreds. This is to say nothing of the millions of lives disrupted, families broken, and horrendous injuries, both physical and mental.
Illegal Wars causing the death of over a million people, including thousands of US deaths, sanctioning Torture, violating our Constitution, and smashing any hopes for world peace into the foreseeable future.


CBS, the National Prayer Breakfast - and the New Poster Boy for Theocracy?

By Debra Sweet  

Our lunch-time protest against CBS was very spirited – CBS freaked out and called the police on our relatively small gathering, but 6 of us managed to get in the doors and tried to deliver some of the messages that have been collected demanding the Super Bowl not feature Focus on the Family’s anti-abortion ad.
Shelby Knox was there: especially moving was her story about the 14 year old girl living in Lubbock, TX who ends up in a Crisis Pregnancy Center and is lied to, manipulated and told she just has to give birth. Sunsara Taylor was there too, her usual fiery self. Some NYU students as well as others came out; and a few people stopped on the street and joined on the spot.


Confronting John Yoo in San Francisco

By the San Francisco chapter of World Can’t Wait

“ not a polite debate.
Torture is a crime against humanity.
Torture isn't just a war crime.
Torture is an abomination and a crystallization of everything John Yoo stands for…
It is your responsibility here to not sit politely while John Yoo speaks.” – protester, January 27, Commonwealth Club San Francisco

Wednesday night, January 27, “Torture Memos” author John Yoo was confronted by about two dozen protesters at the San Francisco stop of his national book tour for “Crisis and Command”.


Howard Zinn Will Be Missed

By Sunsara Taylor  

Howard Zinn led a life of principle and resistance. His death today by heart attack is a tremendous loss to the people around the world. Few people so consistently used their platform and respect to shine a light on the crimes being committed in our names, to turn people on to the truths this system tries to hide, and to foster a climate and spirit of resistance and truth-telling. He stood against the U.S.'s unjust wars for empire. 
He excavated the buried genocidal history of this country. He challenged generation after generation to read and think outside the margins of acceptable academic discourse. I saw him speak not long ago at University of Chicago and got to watch the reaction of freshmen who'd never heard the kind of history -- radical and truthful history -- that Zinn brought to life... or the humor and friendly challenge to everyone in the audience to make their lives about something more meaningful than just getting a degree, a career, or a way for oneself. Zinn lived a life for the people and for a better future and challenged everyone he met to do the same.
Here is a link to an interview that Raymond Lotta did for the Revolutionary Worker (now Revolution Newspaper) with Howard back in 1998:


Doctors Without Borders Plane Not Allowed to Land in Haiti

 Press release from Doctors Without Borders 

(editors note – the U.S. military took over control of the airport at Port-au-Prince within hours of Haiti’s devastating earthquake. BBC news reports today that at least 2,000 more U.S. marines have landed in Haiti to provide “security”.
Yet a plane filled with desperately needed medical supplies was turned away Sunday and forced to land in the Dominican Republic – it could take days for the medical supplies on this plane to reach Haiti, at a time when every minute counts in saving lives. The following statements on this situation are from Doctors Without Borders.)


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World Can't Wait mobilizes people living in the United States to stand up and stop war on the world, repression and torture carried out by the US government. We take action, regardless of which political party holds power, to expose the crimes of our government, from war crimes to systematic mass incarceration, and to put humanity and the planet first.