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Support & Spread the Athletes' Protests Against Police Murder & War!

Emma Kaplan | October 2, 2016

MiamiDolphins-football-protestOn August 26, NFL 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick put a lot on the line when he refused to stand for the national anthem. He explained, "I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color. To me, this is bigger than football and it would be selfish on my part to look the other way. There are bodies in the street and people getting paid leave and getting away with murder.”  Almost immediately Colin was slammed for being unpatriotic, receiving racist taunts and death threats.


Chelsea Manning Ends Hunger Strike as Army Promises Gender Reassignment Surgery

Debra Sweet | September 16, 2016

C Manning Finish-1Chelsea said Tuesday, “I am unendingly relieved that the military is finally doing the right thing. I applaud them for that. This is all that I wanted — for them to let me be me... But it is hard not to wonder why it has taken so long. Also, why were such drastic measures needed? The surgery was recommended in April 2016. The recommendations for my hair length were back in 2014. In any case, I hope this sets a precedent for the thousands of trans people behind me hoping they will be given the treatment they need.”


Come Out with Outraged People

Debra Sweet | September 16, 2016

usrevmapOn Sunday 9/11, the scene downtown near the WTC was very subdued.  We covered a large sidewalk area with anti-war displays, including a drone model and large banners.  No one in authority said a word, though we had applied for no permits.  MANY fewer people walked by than we saw in 2011 when we did a similar display at the same location.  But people from Syria, Afghanistan, all over Europe, Asia, and Africa, stopped to talk.  Fewer people took our flyers than have done so recently, including when we protested the Democratic Convention in Philadelphia and ran out of materials.


Chelsea Manning on Hunger Strike

Debra Sweet | September 9, 2016

Note: Chelsea Manning has ended the hunger strike after her demands were met!

chelsea2014Pride150On September 9, the 45th anniversary of the murderous attack by NY State police on the Attica prisoners, whistle-blower and former Army intelligence officer Chelsea Manning announced that she began a hunger strike:

“Today, I have decided that I am no longer going to be bullied by this prison—or by anyone within the U.S. government. I have asked for nothing but the dignity and respect—that I once actually believed would be provided for—afforded to any living human being.”


What happened when Obama came to the East-West Center?

World Can't Wait - Hawai'i | September 1, 2016

Ann-military-destroying-the-worldLast night more than 200 people stood near the entrance of the East-West Center to "greet" President Obama.  About 100 held signs:  "U.S. Military Destroys the Planet," "No TPP," "No More Ko`oholawe's", "Navy Sonar Kills Whales," "Military Occupation is Not Conservation, "No DOI Rule Over Kanaka Maoli"  and many, many more.  Many of the people without signs were UH students hoping to get a glimpse of Obama.


Anti-War Activists Protesting The Air & Water Show Provide Spectators A Chance to Use the Thinking Part of Their Brains

Chicago chapter, World Can't Wait | August 26, 2016

The annual Chicago Air & Water Show, sponsored by Shell Oil and Boeing, is the largest such free public display of deadly military airpower in the country. Jets screech across the skies above the Chicago lakefront for most of a weekend, projecting the sounds that terrorize large swaths of the world. Here, the City offers this spectacle as “entertainment."  Some people flee the city to avoid the sounds and the crowds. Last Sunday, World Can't Wait and Voices for Creative Nonviolence went into the thick of it to bring some truth and challenge people attending what our banner declared to be “The Air & War Show.”


Neither Candidate running for president will stop the U.S. war on the world... it's up to us

Debra Sweet | August 10, 2016

itsuptousLast week I asked for your responses to the Democratic Party organizing people to chant "USA! USA!" to drown out chants of "No More War!" at their convention. No surprise -- everyone who wrote expressed disgust at the the naked, chauvinist expression of supoprt for imperialist war from the Democratic Party.


Did You Expect The Democrats to Chant USA! USA?

Debra Sweet | August 3, 2016

No-More-Endless-WarsWorld Can't Wait, in coalition with other groups, formed a small yet politically important presence in Philadelphia last week outside the convention. Thanks to the generosity of the Arch Street United Methodist Church we had the use of the sidewalk outside the building (which was around the corner from the Convention Center - one of the locations being used by the DNC) and a place to enter to cool off and recover intermittently from the tremendous heat and sun.


We Won't Choose Between A Fascist & A War Criminal

World Can't Wait | July 26, 2016

"Brothers and sisters, this is the real world that we live in," says Bernie Sanders. Indeed. And Sanders' fidelity to the imperialist system that enforces U.S. hegemony over that world promises ever greater hardship and misery for all of humanity. 


Midwest "Break Free from Fossil Fuels" Protesters Rally Against BP Refinery

World Can't Wait Chicago Chapter | May 18, 2016

photo1Members of World Can't Wait Chicago joined impassioned groups and individuals from across the Midwest at the BP Refinery in Whiting, Indiana on May 15 to say no to fossil fuels. This was one of dozens of coordinated actions around the world (more here). After a rally that drew about 750 people, we joined a march and walked for over a mile past enormous oil tanks, railroad tracks used by trains transporting huge quantities of oil and tall smokestacks some emitting flames. 


“Inside Drone Warfare” – The Las Vegas Symposium Tapes

Nick Mottern | April 21, 2016

Thanks to the financial contributions by many of you who are reading this, the “Inside Drone Warfare” symposium was held at the University of Nevada/Las Vegas School of Law on March 30, 2016 - in the shadow of Creech AFB, the largest drone control and training center in the U.S.


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