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Protesting for Bradley Manning

NYC Protest Outreach for Bradley ManningFrom the NYC Chapter of World Can't Wait

To mark the beginning of the next phase of accused whistle-blower Bradley Manning’s pre-trial hearings and noting that he has spent 825 days in prison, some under torturous conditions, World Can't Wait organized an activity at Grand Central Station in NYC.  The plan was to circulate within the station carrying images of Manning that stated “I am Bradley Manning” along with signs that said, “Blowing the whistle on war crimes is not a crime”. Leaflets would also be handed out. At the sound of a whistle participants would freeze in place and then resume walking at the sound of another whistle.


Chicago Comes Out to Air and Water Show to Protest Criminal U.S. Wars and Drone Warfare

drone-model-inChicagoFrom the Chicago Chapter of World Can't Wait

On Saturday August 18, among the crowds and the roaring aircraft at the annual Air and Water Show on the shores of Lake Michigan, about 50 Chicagoans from various organizations stepped up to counter the glorification of illegitimate and immoral U.S. wars and the advanced weaponry used to perpetrate them. Drone warfare and the thousands of innocent civilians killed by drones in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, and Somalia were a special focus of the protesters.


Report from Oakland Obama HQ Occupation & Sept 6 Call to Action

Free Bradley Manning protestFrom the SF Chapter of World Can't Wait

It’s time to step it up for Bradley Manning as his case nears trial, and on August 16 actions supporting Bradley Manning up and down the West Coast brought out several hundred protesters, with military veterans at the heart of each demonstration and/or occupation. Six people were arrested occupying Obama campaign headquarters in Oakland, and another six for the same action in Portland. Other protests were in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and Seattle.


Oakland CA Obama Protest

By San Francisco Bay Area World Can't Wait Chapter

Monday, July 23, 2012, as Obama came to the Bay Area for multiple campaign fundraising appearances, a large protest crowd was in the streets of downtown Oakland for hours.  An anti-war action was called by World Can’t Wait, Afghans for Peace, Iraq Veterans Against the War, Code Pink, the Bradley Manning Support Network and Courage to Resist and we were there with banners and signs aloft.  Near the Fox Theater (the Obama rally site) we gathered with more groups: Occupy Oakland and Redwood City, Vets for Peace, students.  There were other clusters of protest scattered around the area at different times: youth protesting for immigrant rights, Occupiers, environmentalists.  Also there were lots of people who had earlier been at a large rally for medical marijuana  (the feds have raided major Oakland dispensaries despite their legality and despite Obama’s “promises”). 


Reporting on a Week Against Torture Across the U.S.

If not us, who? If not now, when? 

"I find myself living in an EXCEPTIONAL time. A time when the myth of American moral superiority is being used to excuse, even PROMOTE, cruel and intolerable crimes against humanity..."
From the speech given by World Can't Wait representative MaryAnn Thomas (right) at the Rally Against Torture, Guantanamo & NDAA on June 26th in San Francisco.

Across the country last week, from Olympia to Dallas to Washington, people challenged the new -10 year old - "normal" of indefinite detention.

Supporting Bradley Manning at Pride

From the NYC Chapter:

On Sunday at the Heritage Pride Parade a contingent of Vets for Peace, World Can't Wait, Grannies, members of  Whistleblowers Theater and others marched with banners, signs and whistles to support Bradley Manning. WBAI interviewed folks on the spot and did an in-depth piece later in the day. 

A group of Pace University students who were watching the parade asked if they could join us on the march down 5th Ave. They jumped over the barricade and helped us pass out 3,000 "Free Bradley Manning" postcards and about 1,000 stickers to the thousands of people watching the parade. By the second half of the march route we had no materials left but were still cheered on by the parade watchers.  Despite the crowd's cheers for the contingent the fact is that many did not know who Manning is or what he is charged with or how that matters to them.



NYC: Thousands March to End Stop-and-Frisk

By Li Onesto 

June 17, thousands of people marched through the streets of New York City to demand an end to the NYPD's policy of stop-and-frisk. The crowd was very diverse, old and young, and different nationalities, from many different walks of life—reflecting a growing awareness of this issue and how important it is to take an active stand against stop-and-frisk.

There were civil rights groups, labor unions, student groups, teachers, nurses, Occupy Wall Street, immigrant rights organizations, gay and lesbian groups. By Friday, 299 organizations had endorsed the march, including, in addition to African-American organizations, groups representing Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Arab, Jewish and other ethnic and cultural organizations.


Iraq, Afghan War Vets Throw Back Medals

From Revolution 

March with Thousands Against U.S.-NATO Wars

I’m going to toss this medal today for the 33,000 civilians who have died in Afghanistan that won’t have a monument built for them.

Brock McIntosh, Army National Guard, deployed to Afghanistan

I’m giving back my medals for the children of Iraq and Afghanistan. May they be able to forgive us for what we’ve done to them.

Steve Acheson, U.S. Army Iraq war vet

On May 20, more than 40 vets—men and women, from different branches of the military—made a dramatic statement to the world.


Protesting for Humanity and the Planet at the NATO Summit

Reports on the Protests at the NATO Summit in Chicago May 2012

Humanity Confronts the "Blue Bloc" in Chicago by Debra Sweet

Remembering the Victims: #NATOvictims

Post-NATO Summit Roundup: Police Brutality, Repression & More by Kevin Gosztola

Protesting NATO War Crimes in Chicago by Debra Sweet

Iraq & Afghanistan Vets Throw Away Blood Medals at NATO Protest (video)

PHOTOS of Veterans Throwing Away Medals by Lynne Jackson

They Have Military Alliances; We Are Allied with the People of the World by Debra Sweet

NATO in Chicago: Thousands Protest War Criminals’ Summit from Revolution

Chicago: Peace Town by David Swanson

“Money for Jobs Not for War”— American Chauvinism + Reformist Illusions by Larry Everest

The Empire Holds Its War Council in Chicago by Glen Ford

Marching for NATO/US War Victims by Debra Sweet

National Lawyers Guild Provides Wrap-up of Police Actions During Week-long NATO Demonstrations

Memorial for NATO Victims-Debra Sweet and Jill McLaughlin

Memorial for NATO Victims-Religious Voices

Memorial for NATO Victims-Debra Sweet and Jill McLaughlin

Memorial for NATO Victims-More Voices

More videos from the People's Summit:

Debra Sweet at People's Summit: Indefinite Detention and Repression

Michael Thurman at People's Summit

AFGHANISTAN: Debra Sweet on Why We're Protesting NATO

Eugene Cherry, Iraq Veteran, Speaks on War in Afghanistan

Dr. Mohammed Daud Miraki on the War in Afghanistan

Debra Sweet on US Aggression Against Iran

Ali Abdi on the Protest Movement Within Iran

Sheida Jafari on Why the Anti-War Movement Should Stand with the People of Iran

New York: Report on "No Drones Weekend"

from World Can't Wait, NYC chapter  

Fordham University’s commencement events on the weekend of May 18th-20th attracted advocates of justice as the university awarded an honorary doctorate to commencement speaker, John Brennan, President Barack Obama’s Deputy National Security Advisor for Counterterrorism and Homeland Security.  See more on Brennan here.

Brennan, an alumnus of Fordham and former senior CIA official, defended the US program of “targeted killing” by drone as consistent with international law, despite repeated evidence that such strikes kill civilians and would-be rescuers.  Brennan "is widely know for his advocacy of kidnapping-for-torture (aka 'extraordinary rendition') and killing 'militants' (including US citizens) with 'Hellfire' missiles fired by 'Predator' and 'Reaper' drone aircraft," wrote former CIA agent Ray McGovern, also a Fordham graduate.


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