March 10: Abortion Providers Appreciation Day

By Debra Sweet

It has been 17 years since Dr. David Gunn was shot and killed on March 10th.  He was the first abortion provider murdered by the so-called "pro-life" movement.
Begun by the group Refuse & Resist in 1996, March 10th: "Abortion Providers Appreciation Day" is marked by people who care about women and our continued right to control our reproduction. 
I was marching this past weekend to commemorate International Women's Day (actually on March 8th). It's the year 2010, but there couldn't be a better time to get in the streets and take a stand for women here and around the world. See the latest attack on women's right to abortion in Nebraska: the "fetal pain" law being debated. What about the pain of the woman? ABC Local Affiliate
Today, take a moment to call or write a postcard to your favorite abortion provider or local clinic. Listen to Dr. Susan Wicklund talk about how much it means to hear from people who respect her work.
See the National Abortion Federation project where you can print one of their messages, upload a youtube, and get it to a provider in their network.  Feministing and Feminists for Choice are also promoting it.  Call or send a card to your local clinic, and remember to remind your own doctor that all physicians must protect choice.
Comments from viewers
Suburban mom/medical technician
I am sooo impressed with your documentary. I watched everything. It got me thinking in a way I never did before...lots to say really. The questions were valuable because they addressed what I was wondering about at that moment, so that was a helpful agent to keep me interested till the end. If I took anything away, it was the importance, and necessity to be more vocal, even if only in my circle (I know lots of women who have had abortions and don't know how to talk about it). Or when any opportunity arises.
I didn't realize the scope of this issue to be honest with you. I was especially surprised to learn how compromise was such a large part in keeping the topic mired. The fact that, ok some cases are permitted but not everyone can be considered. And how that, of course, is still the heavy hand at work that keeps us all subjugated to their will not ours. Is your documentary on YouTube only right now? I think it should be in libraries at least. Thanks for the information. You can never have too much of that!
Sandy Rapp, activist/musician
Abortion/Morality is a very wonderful and extremely important piece. All bases are covered and, for the sake of women's choice worldwide, this film should experience WIDE distribution. Congratulations to World Can't Wait. Two thumbs WAY up to the sky!!!
College student
I really enjoyed the video! Sunsara is an excellent public speaker with a lot of energy. I also thought Dr. Susan Wicklund's experience as an abortion provider was very moving.
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