Abortion Rights Emergency in Mississippi & Albuquerque - You Are Needed NOW!

Stop Patriarchy | October 20, 2013

abortion providers are heroes
This past summer, StopPatriarchy.org led a 15 state, one month long Abortion Rights Freedom Ride caravan responding to the state of emergency surrounding abortion rights nationwide. But that was just a beginning.

We made a commitment and we are seeing it through. Now: in the month of November, StopPatriarchy.org is mobilizing a national response to the two most concentrated assaults on women's right to abortion.

  • Oct 29 - Nov 6: We are traveling to Jackson, MS where a woman-hating Christian fascist organization will lay siege to and terrorize the last abortion clinic in Mississippi.
  • Nov 15-17: We are traveling to Albuquerque, New Mexico where a ballot initiative would ban abortion at 20 weeks, thereby shutting down half the third-trimester abortion providers in the country.

Our new campaign to raise $15,000 for this mobilization has just been launched onThe deadline to reach this goal is November 13.  Please donate whatever you can at www.igg.me/at/abortionrightsemergency


  • Join us in Jackson MS from Oct 29-Nov 6 and Albuquerque NM from Nov 15-17.  Sign up online for all or part of the time.
  • Send your message of support to be delivered to the last clinic in Mississippi and to abortion providers in Albuquerque. 
  • Sign and circulate the Abortion on Demand & Without Apology statement-among friends, family, online communities and to any prominent people you know.  Add your personal message when you sign. 
  • Organize a satellite protest in your local area to alert people to what's going on in these flashpoints. Use your voice and your influence to turn these vicious attacks into a resounding political defeat for those who want to criminalize abortion.

One way or another, be part of a national response to these attacks.

This message was issued by StopPatriarchy.org on October 19, 2013.

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