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Extremism in Colorado

By Cristina Page

Earlier this month, Governor Bill Ritter announced his opposition to Amendment 48 which seeks to change the Colorado state constitution to grant a fertilized egg the status of a human being, complete with equal rights. The groups pushing the amendment advertise it as a direct challenge to Roe v. Wade, the Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion nationwide, but it targets far more than that. In fact, even those opposed to legal abortion, like Ritter, have good reason to reject the proposal too. 


Last Abortion Clinic in Mississippi - and a spill of thoughts


-Sunsara Taylor

(written after watching the PBS special which can be watched here: )

Last night's PBS special on the last abortion clinic in Mississippi was harrowing. Over and over, abortion rights advocates and providers talked of conditions for women that already are comparable to those before Roe V. Wade was passed: women unable to access abortions, forced to leave the state, uneducated about birth control, unable to afford services, forced to have children they do not want.

About 75% of children born in the Delta region there are to single women. Girls are required to get permission not just from one parent, but from two. The last standing clinic is besieged daily by the throngs of praying/preying zombies.

I am sick of the notion that it's not 'politically correct' to compare what is happening in this country to what happened in Nazi Germany. I am sorry ( when they showed the clip of Bush announcing the ban on 'partial birth abortion' all I could think of was Hitler ( of his posture of moral superiority at the cost of millions of lives, of the fanfare, of the populace that acquiesced with evil. And, Hitler DID outlaw abortion.


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