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Take Patriarchy By Storm, Aug 4 - 14th, NYC

By Sunsara Taylor

If you hate the way that women are not only raped but then blamed and shamed for being raped...

If your blood boils at the knowledge of millions of women bought and sold and abused and degraded in the global sex industry...

If you want to puke when you hear Christian fascists moralizing that women should “keep their legs closed” and you want to scream when you hear of another abortion clinic being attacked, another doctor being stalked, another law restricting women’s right to birth control or abortion being passed...


The Terrorism That Killed Dr. Tiller Remains A Threat

by Shelby Knox 

This you probably know: three years ago, abortion provider Dr. George Tiller was murdered in his church by anti-abortion terrorist Scott Roeder.

You may not know that this is also the 9th year anniversary of the arrest of Eric Rudolph, the anti-abortion terrorist who was eventually convicted of bombing a clinic in Birmingham, Alabama. That bomb, which was made of dynamite surrounded by nails, killed part-time security guard Robert Sanderson and critically injured nurse Emily Lyons.

This is a time to stop and remember a man who often wore a button that said, simply, “trust women.”


Remembering George Tiller —
Recommitting to the Fight for Women’s Lives

...every time lawmakers restrict abortion access, they commit an act every bit as illegitimate, immoral, and violent towards women as the assassination of George Tiller was.

On May 31, 2009, Dr. George Tiller was assassinated as he acted as an usher in his Wichita, Kansas church on a Sunday morning. Dr. George Tiller was a hero. Dr. Tiller’s commitment to women went far beyond merely providing abortions to women, as essential as that is. Dr. Tiller withstood years and years of targeted harassment, threats, and terror directed at him and his family. When his clinic was firebombed, he posted a sign outside during its reconstruction which read, “Hell No, We Won’t Go!” When he was shot in both arms during a previous assassination attempt, he went immediately back to work.



Losing the Right to Abortion, Week by Week: Restrictions on Later-Term Abortions Harm Women

by Susan Yanow 

The landscape for access to abortion is shifting quickly, as state after state passes restrictive laws. Particularly affected by these new laws are women who need abortions later in their pregnancies.

In April 2010, Nebraska became the first state in the country to pass a restriction on abortion after 20 weeks, based on an unscientific claim that fetuses feel pain after 20 weeks gestation. The Nebraska law banned abortions after 20 weeks for any reason except if the pregnant woman’s life is in danger.


The War on Immigrant Women: Part of the Sweeping Crusade Against the Fundamental Rights of All Women

by Malliki Dutt

Araceli doesn’t go out alone anymore. She is frightened of ongoing harassment by local police, whom she used to trust to protect her. Trini drops her two children off at school every morning unsure if she will be there at pickup time. Other mothers in her communities have, after all, been "disappeared," taken from their homes, and families, without warning or trace.

Think this is happening in Kabul? Juarez?

Actually, it’s happening in Alabama.


Where's the Outrage?

Heather Ault, the artist behind 4000 Years for Choice, has been cranking out many new images like the one above for us to share far and wide. Check her out on Tumblr, Facebook, and Twitter.

by Emma Kaplan

The recent bombing of the Wisconsin Planned Parenthood is alarming, outrageous and indicative about the literal war that is being waged on women and their future and lives. Yes, wake-up! This an actual war that is aimed at forcefully enslaving women. And no, they don’t care if you use birth control for health reasons so stop making that the only argument as it demonizes women who use birth control simply for the rational reason that they don’t want to be pregnant! Women who have sex are not sluts.



STOKING FIRE: Extremist Anti-Choice Groups Plan Five-State Assault

by Eleanor Bader

The fanatical fundamentalists are at it again. Not to be outdone by Catholic bishops clamoring for ever-increasing fetal protections, Flip Benham’s Operation Save America has teamed up with Go Stand Speak, LifeLink, Jeremiah Cry Ministries, Personhood USA, and Repent America to  make five states—Arkansas, Mississippi, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wyoming—abortion “refuges.”

The five were chosen because each has just one reproductive health clinic. What’s more, the campaign to make these states abortion-free will link grassroots activism—raucous picketing, complete with billboard-sized pictures of bloody body parts--with a media crusade geared to maligning those who support freedom of choice.


Stop the War on Women!

War on Womenby Lina Thorne

On April 28 protests called to “Unite Against the War on Women” will happen in 45-48 states plus Washington, DC. Organized through social media by a network of people horrified by the national debate set by the theocrats in government and a willing, complacent media, these protests aim to mobilize the people in this country who care about women and in so doing, reach many more who aren’t even aware of the full extent of the war on women.


Fierce, Joyous, Inspiring... A Movement to End Pornography and Patriarchy is Launched!

by Sunsara Taylor   

On Saturday March 10th a new energy, a new defiance, and a new commitment to fight for the full liberation of women, were felt on the streets of New York City.  

Beginning at noon in front of St. Patrick's Cathedral, proceeding on a tour of many sites which concentrate the oppression of women, and concluding in front of a strip club and porn store near Times Square ; people of all ages, many nationalities, and all genders condemned the enslavement and degradation of women.

As people gathered in front of St. Patrick's Cathedral, beneath its towering spires and enormous brass doors designed to make humans feel small and humble, their faces were filled with both exuberance, but also hesitation. It is not typical to confront churches. In fact, it’s not typical these days to directly confront woman-haters of any kind.


Celebrate International Women's Day 2012 Stop the War on Women!

By Sunsara Taylor 

Out of Denial and Into the Streets - International Women's Day 2012

Women the world over are facing a growing assault on their lives, their rights, and even their recognition as full human beings. 

In the U.S., Catholic bishops have turned women's basic right to birth control into a national controversy. At least 20 percent of U.S. female soldiers are sexually assaulted by fellow soldiers. Every moment we are bombarded by images of women's bodies, half naked and half starved. And strip clubs, which serve up the subordination of women to men in the living flesh, have become so mainstream that men annually spend an estimated $16 billion on them (compared to the $4 billion they spend on baseball). 


Your Body Under Arrest: Police in Riot Gear Remove Peaceful Women's Rights Protestors in Virginia

by Jodi Jacobsen 

You might think that the right wing in this country was getting the message that women will no longer stand for legal, verbal, and physical abuse and harassment, especially by elected officials. 

You would especially think that would be the case in Virginia where former Vice Presidential aspirant Governor Bob McDonnell, who is contemplating signing into law a forced ultrasound bill after doing women a "favor" and taking out the forced trans-vaginal ultrasounds initially required, has been widely pilloried. You would also think the right-wing would be cautious after a week in which the seemingly untouchable Rush Limbaugh has, as of this writing, lost seven corporate sponsors over his debasing remarks about Sandra Fluke.

But you would be wrong. 


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