The outrage that won't go away

Debra Sweet | April 30, 2021

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Justice-loving people were happy when Obama ordered Guantanamo closed; some were incredulous that he never took the actions he could have to actually close it. Trump, a proponent of torture, and particularly a fan of water-boarding, wanted to expand the US torture camp, and promised to reduce any protections to those held without charge.

Now comes Biden who seems to think Guantanamo is an embarrassment, and has indicated he would like to close it. But he has done even less than Obama did to take the steps needed.

We're sharing here an upcoming World Can't Wait event (please help spread the word to Spanish language speakers) and some recent articles of interest on Guantanamo.

Saturday May 22nd en español - On-line Event: Screening of "The Mauritanian" 
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Two Dozen Senators Finally Tell Biden It Is 'Past Time' to Finally Close Guantánamo

Did we say finally?  Less than half of the Democratic senators say this:

"...After years of indefinite detention without charge or trial; a history of torture and cruel, inhuman, and degrading treatment; and multiple attempts at a thoroughly failed and discredited military commission process, it is past time to close Guantánamo's detention facility and end indefinite detention..." — 24 senators

From the Center for Constitutional Rights, an update on Guantanamo prisoner Sharqawi Al Hajj, represented by Pardiss Kebriaei: 

"...Kebriaei says that Mr. Al Hajj’s downward trajectory – the result of untreated torture during his years at CIA sites, the toll of nearly two decades of indefinite detention, and the impossibility of meaningful mental health care given that Mr. Al Hajj’s distress is inextricably linked to his environment – reflects a broader urgency the Biden administration must heed in dealing with Guantánamo, as President Biden nears the end of his first 100 days in office. Currently, detainees are reporting widespread hunger strikes at the prison..."

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